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Means-End to Humanity

There are many ways to execute any kind of undertaking, regardless of the size and magnitude of the project:

  • One way is to follow the proper protocols, respectfully and collaboratively engage whomever necessary, and inspire others along the way to want you to succeed.
  • Another way is to struggle through it alone, against all obstacles and challenges, and persevere through any twists and turns along the way.
  • And yet another way is to go at it with reckless abandon, ‘on a whim’, in blind defiance of protocol, procedures, and relationships.

Likewise with any undertaking, there are (lasting) ramifications from the chosen actions, behaviors, and decisions you and the individual(s) involved execute. The questions then become twofold:

What are your (remaining) lasting relationships, at the end of the day, if any?

What is your impact – the legacy – you plan on leaving?

To a greater extent, your legacy ultimately defines your character perception to the outside world (space of other). Depending on your mindset, this may affect you in any of three ways:

  1. If you exist solely in the space of self, then this will have little to no significance to you.
  2. If you exist mindful of others, then this will move you considerably.
  3. If you have transcended to the space of other, then this will ennoble you all the more to persevere in actively seeking (re)solutions where you can contribute in a meaningfully positive way.

On your journey, you will have a myriad choices presented to you. The decision on how you proceed always remains yours, regardless of any imposing obstacle(s). You will undoubtedly make quite a number of decisions, right or wrong. Ultimately, you must ask yourself:

How close to your own integrity did you adhere?

How often did you remain authentic, open, and candid, no matter how difficult?

What remains of your humanity if you betray your tie to the human condition?

No matter the number of walls of separation, it’s all one fish bowl; we would be wisely ennobled to remember that.