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A Response to Einstein’s “sukhafte Fernwirkung”: Nature and Science

Einstein’s “spukhafte Fernwirkung” and Bridges between the Classical and the Quantum World

It may not be necessary, though, to understand how life began to use an understanding of how life operates today at the quantum level to build completely artificial living organisms from the bottom up. Such a process would require… ‘living technology’ to manufacture from scratch organisms such as microbes that could produce antibiotics tailored to human requirements. […] The bottom-up approach would result in… ’a brave new world of quantum synthetic living organisms that could free their natural-born relatives from the drudgery of providing humanity with most of its needs.’ “

                –John Gribbin, “Physics for Bird Brains,” The Wall Street Journal, 1-2 August 2015

Crispr-Cas9: Gene-Editing Drug to Rewrite the DNA Code

A new technology for ‘editing’ defective genes has raised hopes for a future generation of medicines treating intractable diseases like cancer, cystic fibrosis, and sickle-cell anemia. […] Among the unresolved technical challenges is figuring out the best way to deliver the drug to the cells it is targeting. […] And the first drugs based on Crispr-Cas9 will probably target diseases that can be treated by simply knocking out a defective gene, because it isn’t yet feasible to easily replace it with a new segment of DNA, according to Editas’s Ms. Bosley.”

                –Jonathan Rockoff, “Why Gene-Editing Technology Has Scientists Excited: Researchers are exploring the idea of treating disease by replacing the defective gene causing the trouble,” The Wall Street Journal, 29 July 2015

Science vs. Nature: Schism or Synergy?

Man has advanced forward significant strides, thanks to electronic technology. Indeed, he has mediated a very real transcendence over classical limitations of time, space, and geography. More than ever, he is enabled with effective agency at the singular level to make a meaningfully positive difference.

E-technology can mediate a multitude of trajectories. The past fifteen years have shown us the triumphs and pitfalls of those trajectories. The key is to leverage those triumphs to continue forward and avoid the pitfalls so as not to repeat them.

The articles from Gribbin and Rockoff illustrate a scientific trend to utilize our e-technologies for the understanding, advancement, and improvement of man. As Rockoff points out, the Crispr-Cas9 gene-editing drug is where biological research is increasingly focused. The next challenge is cellular-targeting of those drugs to specific segments of mutated DNA.

Although the Crispr-Cas9 rightfully gives scientists ample reason for excitement, there is a call for studied caution before they proceed full-force. Case in point: it was confirmed that a mutation in the gene for receptor CCR5 – a mutation present in roughly ten percent of Caucasians – may provide HIV-1 immunity (Elisabeth Pernicone, “Presence of Gene Mutation May Provide HIV Immunity and Resistance,” The AIDS Beacon, 27 October 2009). The same mutation was found in ‘exposed-uninfected’ commercial sex workers as well as ‘long-term non-progressors’ (M.Marmor, K.Hertzmark, SM Thomas, PN Halkitis, and M.Vogler, “Resistance to HIV Infection,” The New York Academy of Medicine Journal of Urban Health, 2006).

Mutation does not necessarily mean pathology. In some cases – as with the CCR5 mutation – it means survival. It is imperative not to lose sight of this fact.

The So What Factor Addressed

Electronic technology offers a double-edged sword. At one side, it mediates our transcendence over classical limitations and delivers a globalized world to the individual’s fingertips. At the other side, it mediates an automatic recklessness qua ‘automatic meaninglessness-automated frivolity’ over disciplined intentionality.

Without disciplined focus of concentration, it becomes all too easy – automatic – to hone in on the dot rather than the circle the dot sits on. With gene-editing and with quantum synthetic living microbes, looking at the issue in isolation and at the exclusion of a 360-degree view of all possible effects of that issue becomes dangerous. Ironically, instead of improving man, we may be on the trajectory of destroying him if we do not step back and explore all aspects of that circle.

Infinite Potentiality Theory (IPT) has one ultimate goal: igniting the individual to make a meaningfully positive and lasting difference and by so doing, inspire others by example. Through ultimate freedom of and from the self, he occupies the space of other and is better able to effect that difference. More to the point: in that space of other, his perspective is 360-degrees at all times, taking into account the impact of his actions, behaviors, and decisions on others.

Accordingly, he will have immediate clarity to recognize the ‘brave new world’ is one where classical and quantum collaborate as effortlessly as his position within his self in the other. He will recognize it is not a question of science in duality with nature. Instead, he will see the natural synergy between the two and the creative potentiality within that powerful collaborative interrelationship.

And that is a brave new world, indeed!


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TE Revisited

The Before Christ (BC) – Anno Domini (AD) or Before the Christian Era (BCE) – Christian Era (CE) designations reflect the tremendous impact religion has on human civilization. Indeed, no other phenomenon has had a more profound influence. (Case in point: religious wars of our past and present.) However, as much as religion affects us all (including and especially agnostics and atheists) there is a phenomenon with equal – if not more – impact and on an equally omnipresent scale: technology.

At an exponentially lightning speed and equally striking impact, technology has revolutionized modern civilization. Overcoming time, space, and geography, technology mediates our currently globalized reality. Truly, modernity is a transcendent, e-globalized reality.

For this reason, technology is modernity’s clarion call of change:

It mediates e-geography qua globalization.

It enables transcendence over classical limitations of time, space, and geography.

It leverages innovation gratia invention.

It revolutionizes reality.

It challenges the possible.

It proliferates all realms of potentiality.

It materializes imagination.

Post haste, we must at least acknowledge this new dawning era:

The Transcendent Era

From my previous post, “The Transcendent Era” (20 June 2014):

Adding to Wark’s concept of a ‘third nature‘, IPT suggests the dawn of a new era: The Transcendent Era.  The main argument being that man has overcome – transcended – classical limitations of time, space, and geography and is doing so as a regular part of his quotidian.  And this is all mediated through the (portable) electronic technologies of his own invention.

The ‘media-made world‘ and the ‘telesthesia‘ that is ‘woven out of telegraph, telephone, television, telecommunications‘ that Wark describes is to IPT the ocular and omnipresent realization of man’s creative potentiality qua electronic technology.  Today, the potentiality is exponentially more formidable taking on a myriad forms never before imagined possible.  And that is the wonder of it all: man’s creative imagination is forever realizing and producing tangible, ocular attestations of a powerful and almost-miraculous level of energy beyond what the quantum world has even begun to calculate.

The Transcendent Era is not coming; it has already arrived and in full force.  Indeed, it arrived circa 2000, as soon as man mediated his own effective agency to change his reality at the singular level.  Now, more than ever, we can jettison – and even scoff at – the obsolete notion that one person is ineffective to make a difference.  Rather, he is making a difference, impacting his world at the micro and in turn, macro level.  And he does it multiple times each day…

The SWF examined:

Ushered in by this revolutionary new era, the advent of existing cultures surviving through the BC, AD and now TE times must give us pause. In particular, AD cultures should take note. Co-existence of BC-AD-TE cultures with AD-TE cultures on an e-global platform forces the CEV (comprehensively educated viewpoint) to an imperative degree. Along with the CEV comes the necessary establishment of understanding and respect for socio-cultural and historical differences.

More to the point:

In order for the current civilization to survive, adapt, and flourish successfully, we must learn from each other with an eye towards respectful, peaceful, and harmonious co-existence. There is far too much to be learned in and through our differences than to waste away the fortunate happenstance qua globalization. And through this education, we can truly acquire an effectively 360-degree CEV. Only through this qualified CEV do we stand a chance of flourishing successfully.

Such is the responsibility handed down from our past.

It is the obligation to our future.

It is the right of present passage and survival.

Welcome to the TE paradigm.