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Suffering vs Freedom

Suffering is generally defined as the act of undergoing, sustaining, or enduring loss or anything unpleasant – or the condition thereof – patiently or (un)willingly. In any discussion on suffering, it is important to distinguish it from pain. Although one can suffer from pain, one does not have to be in a state of pain to be suffering. Especially for the purpose of this post, I ask you to keep this distinction in mind.

There are two principal categories of suffering:

  • Self-imposed as a result of unattained, unfulfilled desire or aspiration. It usually has a material implication of (lost or lack of) ownership.
  • Endured from an outside source with or without our willingness.

Here is a remedy, courtesy of IPT:

With the inherent paradigm shift proposed by IPT from a phenomenological-metaphysical duality to an infinite creative potentiality-ultimate freedom collaboration, comes the shift from a self-centric mode of existence to an other-centric mode of co-existent sharing. In the former paradigm – caught in the fetters of the self – suffering is unrelentingly omnipresent as an inexorable accessory to existence. In the latter paradigm – liberated from the self – the individual becomes freedom.

As such, s/he actively seeks resolutions, remedies, and resources where they are needed.

As such, s/he actively seeks ways towards peaceful co-existence.

As such, s/he actively seeks ways towards effecting a meaningfully positive impact concentrically outwards from specific locus to the outside world.

If you really stop to give this serious consideration, you might just be amazed at the tremendous impact from such a subtle shift. But there’s more. At each instant you realize your creative potentiality, you immediately enter the latter paradigm. Just as you create every day, multiple times a day, you also shift between paradigms every day, multiple times a day.

Between suffering and freedom, reclaim your choice.