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Integrity, Revisited

There exists a widespread disconnect between consistency in character integrity and everyday practice in all manner of being within individuals today. Regardless of society echelon, culture, geography, and demography, the pandemic is universal. The fragmentation – between integrity and action – is pervasive as an acute sign of modernity’s social (moral) desensitization. The resulting ramification of all this is an additional very fundamental arena where accountability ‘falls to the wayside’, abandoned.

This arena speaks to the schism within each individual. As a veritable disjunction between his ideal and his real; ultimately, he falls to lost potentiality. This is a tragedy we can no longer sustain. Indeed, we must inveigh against it with unwavering due diligence and not stop until we have vanquished it and thwarted all further attempts at its recurring persistence.

Not convinced?

Have you ever come across a person who purports to be a certain way, but in all actuality is the opposite?

Have you ever heard the rhetoric of a leader who proposes to ignite you to action, but falls flat, or even calls you to the opposite direction?

Have you ever been bitterly disappointed by a childhood hero or significant figure who ‘pops the idealistic bubble’?

The SWF Answered:

The central tenet of Infinite Potentiality Theory (IPT) encourages the individual’s realization of his creative potentiality (ICP) so he may attain an ultimate freedom (UF) of and from his self and all related fetters. In this manner, he transcends from a self-centered reality paradigm to that of the other. Through this qualitative ontological paradigm shift of positions from self to other, a necessary redefinition occurs. Inherent within that redefinition is a decided turn away from the phenomenological-metaphysical duality towards an active embrace of the ICP-UF collaborative interrelationship.

Rather than focus on a self or me-centered perspective, the individual of IPT exists in other and is compelled to act accordingly through that new position. By so doing, he can contribute in a meaningfully positive way to his society. Through his example, he can inspire others to the same. From his specific locus of time, space, and geography, he can make a worldwide difference in the manner similar to concentrically outward-radiating waves beyond his time, space, and geography.

The qualitative ontological paradigm shift has already occurred. It is just a matter of his acknowledgment and effective action to flourish accordingly. By so doing, he will stop the cycle of desensitized fragmentation, character schisms, and wasted potentiality and instead, elevate the collective world conscience to an extraordinary degree.

Indeed, we all could then begin extolling the inherent creative potentiality in every individual, at present and in future.




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Potentiality: Perfection and Completion

Perfect as an adjective denotes qualities of flawless excellence, pristine purity, unquestionable accuracy, and completion beyond all improvement. It comes from the Latin perfectus, meaning completed, excellent, accomplished, and exquisite. Breaking down the Latin, per means completely, while facere means to perform. Indeed, there is a strong element of completion inherently essential to the word.

In the same manner of the relation between perfection and completion, so too is the relation between perfection and potentiality (though not between completion and potentiality):

Perfection & Potentiality

As potential of potential, potentiality represents all possibilities ad infinitum. At the same time that might be daunting (as the space of infinity is itself magnificent), it is spectacularly brilliant. Think about it from the self-other dyad:

In the space of other, potentiality is perfect. However, it becomes immediately transformed into the realization as soon as it enters the space of self. In other words, the individual realizes potentiality – directly repositing it into the space of self – and so it no longer exists as potentiality. Instead, it becomes the transformation. It is only in the space of other then, that it retains its qualities intact.

The same can be said of perfection:

In the space of other, perfection is complete, pristine, and uncompromised. As soon as the human element is introduced – in the space of self – it is transformed. It becomes flawed. Like potentiality, perfection retains its qualities only in the space of other, as in a vacuum.

In addition to the above commonalities, both perfection and potentiality are unfixed, transitive, fleeting, and ephemeral. In the space of other – in and of themselves – they are respectively complete, pristine, and ideal. In combination with the individual, they are compromised and thus transformed.

Of course, the above are not extraordinary concepts. For the most part, you are well aware of all this. The only difference here is the pointed reconceptualization of the two categories: self and other.

One last note on perfection before moving onto completion and potentiality:

Boundless, infinite, and unlimited, potentiality for any person, place, or thing is the quintessential pinnacle of absolute perfection. And this perfection is qualified absolute because the closer we come to perfection – in perpetual striving – we will never ourselves be perfect. The human condition thus intervenes maintaining our level of remove from perfection.

Completion & Potentiality

Ironically, the same relation between perfection and potentiality does not apply to completion and potentiality. (Ironic because perfection is completion.)

Potentiality is inherently incomplete. To be complete, it would be realization. Instead, potentiality is and must be unfixed, transitive, fleeting, and ephemeral (as stated earlier).

Completion is the opposite state of potentiality. It is fixed, whole, conclusive, and final. It is fulfillment. As such, it cannot be potentiality. (Fulfilled potentiality is realization.)

With all that being stated, what is the point to all this?

The ‘So What Factor’ (SWF) Answered:

Infinite Potentiality Theory (IPT) extols the path of ultimate freedom (UF) through realized infinite creative potentiality (ICP). ICP is thus pivotal to the equation:

IPT = ∞ CP  ∆͢   UF

As such a critical element to the theory, ∞ CP or ICP must be comprehensively and accurately examined with a thorough due diligence at all ‘angles’ of implication and impact. With the above examination, you should have a fairly good assessment and understanding of potentiality. Throughout my blog, I have discussed the nature of creativity, especially qua ICP. The infinite presumably requires no further explanation without running into inadvertent pontification.

And so you should be adequately ‘equipped’ to endeavor upon your own understanding. As understanding brings you one step closer to realizing, UF is not far behind…

Cheers to your journey!


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In Triad with Silence

Let’s try an experiment, shall we?

Please close your eyes and listen to all the sounds around you.

Now deafen your ears and concentrate on attaining silence.

One of two things usually happens from this:

Either the sounds increase to a shrill cacophony of noise, or

The sounds decrease to a low murmur.

On rare occasions – for the individual of focused discipline – true silence is achieved.  If you are fortunate enough to ensconce yourself with this qualified level of silence, you undoubtedly are feeling a most blissful peace and serenity.  You are in the state of being qua life, the very essence of essence.

This state of absolute silence is closest to the state of ultimate freedom through realized creative potentiality qua IPT:


In silence, there are worlds of possibilities.  In silence, there are miracles of fortunate happenstance.  In silence, everything and nothing co-exist harmoniously in a continuously interlocking push and pull of the creative processes.

Ultimate Freedom

In ultimate freedom, the individual attains liberation of and from his self.  All related – mundane – fetters become obviated to insignificance, as a nullity.  The individual occupies the space of other and so creates solutions with meaningfully positive impact.  The net effect is a singular contribution to the global collective and its well of positive creative potentiality.

In summation, the key difference between silence and ultimate freedom is seen in their interrelationship:

The magnificent feats of ultimate freedom exist in the state of absolute silence.  The peace and serenity so achieved in silence are executed through the creative process.  This is the same process en route towards ultimate freedom.  In other words, ultimate freedom exists in absolute silence that is itself maintained simultaneously with realized creative potentiality.

And so we uncover a very important triad amongst creative potentiality, absolute silence, and ultimate freedom.  There is kinship between creative potentiality and absolute silence.  Similarly, there is collaborative parity and co-existence between ultimate freedom and absolute silence.  Although absolute silence is not a principal key player in the IPT formula, it is an essential element and indication of IPT in process.


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Reflective Appreciation

There is a simple beauty to the world around you.  In moments of reflective serenity, you might even find a brilliant grace within all the details.  In a manner, the organized chaos, discordant harmony, and cognitive dissonance between technology and nature, real and virtual, fixed and movable, and synthetic and natural, all seem to fit as a jigsaw puzzle into an almost surrealist tapestry against the banner of our locus within our particular time-space-geography coordinates.  It is keenly spectacular to see powering all of this is a single truth: infinite creative potentiality (ICP).

How so?

Let’s break it down:

Potentiality is itself timeless and infinite.  It is the potential of potential.  At the moment of its realization, it becomes the actualization.

Like potentiality, creativity is infinite.  Limitless, it is falsely bounded by man’s imagination.  Unlike potentiality, creativity runs continuous before, during, and after its realization so it is not itself transformed.  Instead, it mediates direct transformation qua transcendence to an ultimate freedom of and from the self.  If you ever observe the process of creation – artistic or otherwise – pay attention to the person creating.  Notice the expressions, actions, behaviors, and the very ‘space’ s/he occupies.  Indeed, s/he is transported and very much of the moment.

Creativity and Potentiality are equal key elements of ICP.  In tandem, they give ICP its effective essence of existence.  After all, within each atom and element of life is creation as an instance and product of the created.  Within all creation is potentiality in every possible direction and dimension.

Within the push and pull between Creativity and Potentiality is the jigsaw miraculously fitting together.  The ‘smooth edges’ keeping them all in place is the powerful ICP catalyst.  Indeed, the energy required to bring all these pieces together – albeit, in (discordant) harmony – is unquantifiable.  Hence, the ICP catalyst to ‘fit the bill’.

Perspective is keenly necessary when looking at a tapestry.  Stepping back or coming ‘nose-to-nose’ will give you a different truth each time.  Apply this to the world around you the next time you decide to take a good look.


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The Resplendent Life

What would it be to have a luscious life? 

What is your definition of a luscious life?

Through an IPT lens, it would be defined as a fully vibrant, luxuriously enriching, brilliantly resplendent life that is so magnanimously empowering, it inspires others to achieve the same.  The wonder of it all is the individual living that life is walking, breathing, actively kinetic liberation qua ultimate freedom.  And better still is the fact that this life is attainable for everyone.  While IPT encourages realization of creative potentiality as the most effective and seamlessly immediate route to this life, there are other avenues.  Again, IPT recommends creativity as the most pragmatic and realizable option especially subject to the least tension and resistance.

Creativity is so essential to IPT because it runs at the foundational core of existence.  Indeed, the qualitative ontological paradigm shift IPT proposes is a shift towards a redefinition of existence and essence.  The essence of existence is defined as infinite creative potentiality, while the essence of essence is ultimate freedom.

Solely examining existence, think about the very fact of your being.  You are a created product of your biological parents.  You are creativity incarnate.  This is how you inherently possess an infinite well of creative potentiality.  Remember, you – your very being in your entirety – are creativity.

What a resplendent miracle you are, don’t you think?

So the question beckons:

What is your definition of a luscious life and how will you live it?

The time is now.


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Authenticity in the Public Sphere

When we are authentic, others respond accordingly.  Especially in the public sphere, it becomes increasingly clear when a veil of deception is about to be cast upon us.  Of course, there might be those lacking immediate discernment, but at the end, s/he knows at the gut-instinctual level because it resonates accordingly.  The key is to listen to that resonance with honest receptors.

Authenticity and integrity run at the heart of Infinite Potentiality Theory (IPT) because it is critically necessary that the individual be as true to his self as possible in realizing his creative potentiality.  This inner honesty speaks to his authenticity and mirrors the very core of his essence.  And, as IPT defines it, the essence of essence is ultimate freedom.  In this manner, through his ability to be authentic, he can honestly realize his creative potentiality and by so doing, attain absolute liberation of and from his self.

In ultimate freedom, he exists in a sphere of liberation from and of the self. 

In ultimate freedom, he is liberation.

In liberation, he can be for the other.

…And in this liberation is the key to remove all barriers between self and other…

For more on authenticity and integrity, please see my post from June 11th “On Integrity…”:

To understand integrity with absolute clarity, it is important to distinguish it from authenticity.  That is why I juxtapose the two concepts in my book.  In a nutshell, I break it down to the following:

1a) As it applies to an object, authenticity is fidelity of its very essence, substance, fabrication, and origin to it’s creator.  It is authentic as it is genuine.  A popular example is a designer brand as opposed to an (ersatz) imitation of that brand.  The authentic object is the designer one because it is the designer’s own creation; rather than imitating, s/he is creating.  Another example is an authenticated fact, authentic as it is accurate.

1b) As it applies to a subject, authenticity is fidelity to the absolute essence of self.  It is fidelity without judgment, morality, and agency.  It is purity of essence without fetters or encumbrances.

2a) As it applies to an object, integrity is wholeness.  It is verifiable substance without hesitation and with unwavering agreement that holds unity.

2b) As it applies to a subject, integrity is twofold.  It is fidelity to essence in the backdrop of morality and judgment.  Thus, the key difference between integrity and authenticity is integrity’s inherent ethical component.  Such a person upholds a moral standard, acts accordingly, and is so judged – whether by her/himself or by others – as holding to integrity.


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Infinite Potentiality Theory is a celebration of life at its purest and absolute form qua creative potentiality.  When we are at our best, whether it be an achievement, accomplishment, fulfillment, or the simplest joy, there is a degree of creativity involved in reaching that height.  Take a moment today to observe any accomplishment – even the slightest – and think about the creativity involved.  The experience might offer you a refreshing perspective.  At the very least, it should prove uplifting.

It is always beauteous to behold good things happening to great people.  Recently, a friend shared with me an amazing honor he received from his community.  As a matter of background, he is a very humble, perfectly amazing humanitarian who contributes daily to his community, making a meaningful impact and positive difference through his example.  His profession requires creativity of which he has in spades.

On a grander scale, the honor he received is just one in a myriad examples proving how others really do respond to and recognize the good and positive in others.  Regardless of my optimistic penchant, I truly believe we all want the best for each other and to see their happiness, well-being, and success.  By so doing, we further humanity and shine ever-brightly the beacon of progress to pass on to our future generations.

A celebration of life brings hope-everlasting. 

A celebration of life reinforces the bulwark of creativity at the foundation of the very essence of man. 

A celebration of life fuels ultimate freedom fostering the connection between self and other.

Now, more than ever, it is paramount for each individual to realize his creative potentiality and by so doing, celebrate life, man, and humanity in the present and for the future…