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Resilience and Recovery


Of the many negative effects of the Affordable Care Act, the increasing unaffordability of private insurance might be the most damaging.”

Reforming America’s health care rests on reducing costs while improving access to the best doctors and hospitals. That comes from private insurance, not government insurance.”

                –Scott W. Atlas, “Repairing the ObamaCare Wreckage,” The Wall Street Journal, 29 June 2015

IRS: Bipartisan Influence and Schism

“A federal judge threatened to hold Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen in contempt of court on Wednesday, after the agency didn’t comply with an order to provide documents in a case about its alleged targeting of conservative groups.”

“The contempt threat…is the second…he has received this week.”

“Democrats, including Mr. Obama, continue to vigorously defend Mr. Koskinen…who took over the IRS in late 2013.”

                –John D. McKinnon, “Judge Levels Contempt Threat Against IRS Commissioner,” The Wall Street Journal, 30 July 2015

Small Business: A Closer Look at Dodd-Frank

“The British – and others – are more inviting than we are.”

“…Dodd-Frank, a law intended to take on the systemic risk of ‘too-big-to-fail’ banks, is multiplying the problem. ‘The big banks that are too big to fail are bigger now than ever, but the regulations have trickled down to the smaller banks that didn’t cause the financial crisis’ Mr. Hill says. As a result, community banks are disappearing.”

“ ‘The politicians keep talking about fairness and helping the little guy. But it’s the little startup businesses that get hurt the most from the heavy hand of excessive government regulation. How is that fair?’ “

                –Stephen Moore, “The Demise of the Small American Bank,” The Wall Street Journal, 1-2 August 2015

U.S. Military Sequestration: From The Great Lion to A Dwindling Mouse

“News last month of the U.S. Army’s decision to cut 40,000 active-duty soldiers…by 2017, drew fusillades inside the Beltway.”

“…sequestration – compulsory spending caps that would take effect if the two sides failed to agree on an alternative plan to reduce the deficit – was first proposed by the Obama White House. The allocation of half the sequestration cuts to defense, at a time when it accounted for only about 20% of spending, was also President Obama’s handiwork.”

“In 2012 Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told Congress that if sequestration went into effect, ‘we would no longer be a global power.’ A year later, Gen. Ray Odierno, the Army chief of staff, testified that…sequestration cuts would ‘put at substantial risk our ability to conduct even one sustained major combat operation.’ “

                –Mark Moyar, “How Obama Shrank the Military: He’s used the budget sequester to accomplish what looks to have been his political goal from the start,” The Wall Street Journal, 2 August 2015

U.S. Internet: The Trajectory to Political Censorship

The Obama plan for Icann if the U.S. contract ends now requires only a ‘consensus’ among governments to dictate Internet policy. That’s a far lower standard than today’s requirement of unanimity and would further sideline U.S. influence….Instead of censoring…only in their own countries, Russia and China could forge a ‘consensus’ to impose a global ban.”

                –L. Gordon Crovitz, “Ted Cruz’s Fight to Protect the Open Internet,” The Wall Street Journal, 3 August 2015

A Leader’s Hubris (at the expense of his constituents)

In a recent speech at the African Union, President Obama stated: “I actually think I’m a pretty good president…I think if I ran, I could win” (Peter Baker, “Obama Says ‘I Could Win’ 3rd Term as President,” The New York Times, 28 July 2015). Ahem. Well, if we set aside the 22nd Amendment to our U.S. Constitution and cast a blind eye to the health care industry, the IRS, the banking industry, the military, the Internet, and our 1st Amendment right to free speech, among others, we would be exceedingly hard-pressed to sustain another term of an Obama Presidency.

More to the point, after two terms of perniciously unrelenting attacks to the U.S. core viscera, we would be better off without another Obama Term. As General Dempsey and General Odierno would attest, if Obama successfully continues his sequestration agenda through a 3rd Term in office, the nation’s national security would be at dangerous peril. Indeed, the inculcating blows against the U.S. by its President seem more like acts of saboteur terrorism than those of a Commander-in-Chief.

For the integrity, well-being, sustenance, and vigor of the U.S. and the balancing sustainability of our world markets, we respectfully wish Mr. Obama a very happy retirement. Your nation will bounce-back as it always does. We will do so because we can and we must.

After all, ours is a nation of innovators and iconoclasts.

We defy odds and exceed expectations.

We fuel our strength from the empowerment of our adversity.

And we will take with us the harrowing lessons from this Presidency.