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Currency and Exchange

For the most part, currency is understood as a medium of exchange, or money. The word originates from the Latin, meaning “condition of flowing”. However, currency also denotes something that is in vogue – general acceptance – and thus, in circulation. It is on this latter meaning that I focus this post.

Along a similar vein, exchange is understood as a reciprocal interchange or transfer between two or more parties. As a verb, it originates from the French eschangier and Latin excambiare, meaning “barter out”. For the purpose of this post, I focus on the reciprocal aspect of the meaning.

While every country has an agreed upon monetary currency, there is a cornucopia of interpretations as to its cultural currenc(ies). Indeed, one could say there are as many cultural currencies as there are fashions. Add to this complexity the factor of reciprocal exchange – in a globalized market – and the magnitude of multiplicity is further amplified.

Indeed, the consensus of accepted valuables we exchange amongst each other with equal reciprocity is variegated. Electronic technology compounds the diversity by mediating a globalized forum. Finding a singularly consistent and cohesive ‘thread’ of commonality amongst us qua our cultural currency – across all cultures – is very nearly impossible.

Very nearly that is, but not absolutely impossible.

Creativity is an omnipotent and omnipresent currency of reciprocal exchange, especially in the form of creative potentiality. Potentiality, like creativity itself has no finite value. Each are equal to everyone. Likewise, everyone engages in creative acts multiple times a day throughout their respective quotidian as a matter of course.

The key is to acknowledge our active creative engagement and extend it forward. We do this by repositing ourselves into the space of other and direct our creative energies accordingly. From this new position – within this fecund space – we can effect a profoundly and positively meaningful impact and difference for present and future generations. Concentrically outwards from our specific locus to the global arena, we can exchange meaningfully positive creativity and see cultural currency so enriched and ennobled, truly in vogue.

And so the collaborative dialogue continues, with respectful openness, integrity, and authenticity.

So IPT would ask you:

What is your currency?