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Embattled or Empowered: Redux

Further to the last post: “Embattled or Empowered“, there are salient points worth closer inspection:

  • Embattled
    • The state of embattlement is a preparation for battle, or engagement in conflict or struggle.
    • Accordingly, the nature of the embattled individual is defensive or combative.
    • Likewise, the opponent in the conflict or struggle is resistance.
    • When you pare it down to its simplest elements, the embattled individual acts from ego, fighting for control to overcome resistance otherwise known as the opposition.
  • Empowered
    • The state of empowerment is a position of motivating strength, vigor, authority, and enablement.
    • The nature of the empowered individual is passionately resurgent, (re)vivified to meet all life’s challenges and transcend accordingly.
    • Likewise, the empowered individual is reposited into a paradigm without resistance or opposition because his perspective is one of achievement, attainment, and realization even before success has happened.  Such an individual has already succeeded through his effective agency to (re)claim his inherent empowerment.
    • When you pare it down to its simplest elements, the empowered individual has the privileged vantage point to leverage the ego’s empowerment before breaking free from ego to be in the space of other.  Empowered in the space of other, s/he is ennobled to a comprehensive – 360 – perspective of clarity over his reality and the challenges s/he is facing at that time.
    • Free from the ego, the empowered individual effectively lifts the fog of the ego’s ‘tunnel-vision’.
    • This is the inherent irony: as soon as the individual lets go of his ego – while holding onto and leveraging his empowerment – s/he has succeeded, regardless of outcome.

Between embattlement and empowerment, there really is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ choice.  IPT encourages the path of empowerment.  However you choose, may your path always be guided by the light of success in the best of all possible outcomes.