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The Bedrock of Creative Potentiality

The bedrock of America is ingenuity, creativity, and outside-the-box thinking driven by an unwavering perseverance to achieve a qualitatively improved life.  In this e-globalized world, it is increasingly apparent how a variation of this bedrock is manifest in other nations.  As disparate as we are culturally, geographically, and historically, our commonality is our creative potentiality.

Creative potentiality exists in every individual regardless of race, creed, culture, or geography.  Although it is not always realized, it does exist within us all nonetheless.  Think of a time when you tapped into your imagination.  The boundlessness of your imagination is your creative potentiality.

Because there is no limit to the amount of creativity within us, it is measured as a quantum of potentiality rather than just potential.  It is this potentiality that establishes our interconnectivity, terra firma.  The challenges then become a question of whether or not we realize our creative potential and how (in)frequently we do so.

To this end, I propose Infinite Potentiality Theory (IPT) as a catalyst of empowerment and call to all individuals.  Roughly, IPT states:


The individual’s realization of his/her infinite creative potentiality (ICP) immediately and directly leads to ultimate freedom (UF) of and from the self and all related shackles of that self.  With this freedom, s/he can occupy the mindset of other and make a meaningfully positive difference. By so doing, s/he reinforces and enlarges a continuing cycle of similarly positive creativity.

Sounds great; so how do we begin?

Remember your imagination.

Tap into it by lingering on a single creative idea.

Let that idea branch out and flourish.

Empower your imaginative creative abilities by forgetting self-doubt and focusing on materializing your imagination.

What will it take for you to turn your creative imagination into a tangible, material reality?

How can that tangible, materialized reality serve others, if by no other method than to inspire similar creativity?

How can that tangible, materialized reality provide problem-solving solutions at a local, national, and global level?

It just begins with an idea.