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The Leap

Have you ever been in the position of doing what you don’t want to do with every fiber of your being, but you do it anyway because LIFE JUST HAPPENS REGARDLESS?

Have you ever weighed the pros and cons of continuing on a self-effacing trajectory, all the while feeling the excoriating pain of your soul, spirit, mind, and body being obliterated beyond recognition?

Perhaps it hasn’t been that bad, but you are able to relate to this predicament to some degree.  To all of you in this situation or similar, please take an ICP moment to pause, step back, breathe, and reflect.  No seriously, pause.  Carve out a sliver of peaceful solitude amidst the cacophony around you.

This is perhaps one of the most challenging things you will be asked to do because, as Newton’s First Law of Motion states (and I paraphrase), a body in motion/rest remains in motion/rest until an external force changes its course accordingly.  Let this be your virtual external force to CHANGE YOUR COURSE.  It will be worth your time, I promise.

Some of the greatest inventions in the world have come from inventors persevering through failure.  Most inventions are the product of ‘outside the box’ thinking whereby the inventor decided to CHANGE COURSE or better yet, DEFY IT.  Regardless of the number of failed attempts to create the impossible, those inventors were successes because they knew no other way of being.  Their drive to create was a manifestation of their being.  It was in their blood. 

Accordingly, ICP asks you:

What is in your blood?

What is your passion…real passion…that you can’t live without?

How much longer must you wait before you realize your passion?  How many more years are you going to waste away?  How much more self-punishment can you take?

What will it take for you to take the leap and believe in yourself?

It all begins with the singularity of a seed along a Planck Length to realize you have already succeeded at the moment of your leap…


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The Flip Side

Life has taken me on a vicissitude of undulating adventures. Navigating through all the twists and turns – some positive and others challenging – I can certainly say it has not been dull. Recently inundated with a series of challenging moments, I have been forced to pause, step back, and lasso this wave.

During this most recent exercise, I have been given my ICP moment.  Infinite Creative Potentiality (ICP) is not just a theory, it is a way of life and worldview through which I engage with my environment and others in it. ICP enables me to see the flip side of negative, challenging, ugliness and learn positively meaningful life lessons to empower others in the process.

The past couple months, I was slapped with an abysmal quagmire of ugliness. The only recourse I have is to lasso all of the murk into a Jackson Pollock-like bundle.  Stepping back, I am finally able to see its beauty.

In all service industries, there exists tremendous potentiality for making a positively meaningful difference. However, there are many industries where the penchant for choosing that path is more nebulous and very nearly obfuscated by ugly, nasty individuals looking to scam there way into ‘the good life’ or ‘the easy dollar’.  Oftentimes, the individuals who are in the wrong and know it bellow the loudest, denigrating the very people they are trying to swindle.  It seems the larger the swindle, the louder the bellow.  It is astonishingly the amount of creativity they pull from in their attempts to burrow their way from ‘wrong’ to self-proclaimed ‘right’.

ICP begs the question:

What if they channeled their creativity into empowering others by making a positively meaningful difference?  Have they not realized that by empowering others, they too become that much more empowered?

What if they complimented those servicing them or those who have serviced them by a demonstration of common courtesy and respect?  Whatever happened to a simple show of gratitude?  Where did our humility go?

It makes me shudder to think of the lengths individuals will go to castigate others in complete defiance of our humanity.  Have they forgotten our shared human condition?

No matter the object, you can’t take it with you.  Why shroud yourself with the weight of negativity?

Indeed, positive karma is a lucky feather.