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Hurtful Pettiness or Inspiring Empowerment: A Choice Among Equals

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Sky-dive out of a plane.
Travel around the world.
Climb to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro.
Fall deeply, madly, head-over-heels in love regardless of the consequences, especially if it is unrequited.
Command an audience.
Run a marathon – twice.

Whatever is on your bucket list ‘to do’, I hope you do it.  Do it without reservation. Do it with 100% gusto.  Do it with every inch of your life.

And when you succeed, I hope you are empowered to do more.

And when you fail, I urge you to inspire others to do more.*

*What do you do when you have devoted all of yourself to an endeavor and are left with nothing except your failure, loss, and emptiness?

Ex nihilo, Omnia fit (from nothing, everything comes).

At all costs, remember well: from the hollow emptiness of nothing, a world of infinite potentiality exists.  From this world, you can create, restore, and rebuild anew.  Like the phoenix arising from its ashes, you will overcome and transcend that failure.

More importantly, for all pivotal moments of your life – your voltas of success and of failures – it is critical to ‘flip’ those circumstances and experiences on all sides for a 360-degree inspection.  Through this comprehensive viewpoint, you will gain invaluable insight offering meaningful purpose.  By transferring from self to others your insight, you can empower and inspire others.  And you can do so with a lasting impact of infinite degrees.

Turning away from the self with a mindset towards the other, we would wholeheartedly understand with unwavering certainty that our pains of failure are not intended to hurt others because we have been hurt.  Instead, we would inspire others to realize their best potentiality by exemplifying our triumph over and transcendence beyond our own pain.  And by so doing, we would demonstrate in a very tangible and realizable way, those pathways towards creating happiness, strength, courage, and hope for others.

Amor omnia vincit,


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