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Resilience and Recovery: A Response

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When communicating on a public forum to the world, it is very important not to lose sight of your character, values, and integrity.  It is all too easy to offer up your own political, religious, and social views that serve no one except yourself.  This is an apropos example of the erstwhile paradigm from which Infinite Potentiality Theory (IPT) proposes the shift: from self to other.  Indeed, self-serving sentiments and messages contribute nothing to the empowerment and betterment of others.

Mea culpa.

Accordingly, I offer this addendum to my last post: “Resilience and Recovery”.

The So What Factor Addressed:

Acclimating to a friend, family, or colleague’s arrogance can prove challenging.  When it is displayed in our nation’s leader, it is dangerous.  Especially in the current political climate – on the global arena – arrogance can easily be construed as ignorance.  Therein lies an ‘Achilles heel’ vulnerability, opening up our nation and its citizens to attack.  And unnecessarily so.

When Mr. Obama told the African Union he thinks he could win another Presidential Term if re-elected a third time, he sends an erroneous message to other nations.  It is a message unreflective of his nation’s constituents.  It is a message unreflective of the spirit of American democracy: the right to dissent and the right to voice that dissent.

Mr. Obama might be a most excellent President.  If the 22nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution did not exist and the U.S. healthcare, banking, military, and Internet were not headed in a perilous trajectory, he might just win a 3rd Presidential Term.  But hubris might just be his downfall if he were to run again.  And this is fodder for the paradigm of self.

IPT suggests a qualitative ontological paradigm shift from the phenomenological-metaphysical duality to the infinite creative potentiality-ultimate freedom collaborative interrelationship.  In short: a very real shift from a world and life centered around the self to one centered around the other.  Indeed, it is in those moments of ultimate freedom of and from the self and all related fetters of that self that the individual occupies the space of other and accordingly makes a meaningfully positive difference.  And that difference is not only at the individual level within his specific locus, but also at the level of future generations to come.

In the new paradigm, it is incumbent upon every individual to be a leader and exemplify an inspiring humility that empowers, engages, and uplifts the collective world conscience to ever higher achievements for the betterment of all creation.  From man to nature to planet, it is the individual leader who makes a very real difference at the singular level.  And like a pebble to a stream that becomes a wave in the ocean, he too will continue on the ripples of excellence.



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