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3D Printing: Subjectivity, Objectivity, and ICP

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Dimension Alley in Berlin

FabCafé Global

3DLab Fab&Café Mexico City


Chef Jet


What do all these entities have in common?  If you haven’t already guessed it, I’ll give you a hint: printing.  Yep, printing.  To be more exact: 3D printing.

In January 2015, Hershey’s announced its collaboration with 3D Systems to create a 3D printer that makes personalized dark, milk, or white chocolate designs and confections (Jason Brick, PSFK, “A collaboration between 3D systems and Hersheys upgrades DIY chocolate,” 12 January 2015).  Joining the 3D printed food bandwagon, Chef Jet announced its creation of the very first 3D printer for pastry chefs.  It is specifically designed to make everything from tiny candies to complex cake toppers (Khushbu Shah, eater.com, “Hershey’s to Install 3D Chocolate Printer at Headquarters,” 29 January 2015).  Not to be beat, Lenovo unveiled its 3D food printer this month.  In addition to printing chocolate, it can print food in general (Khushbu Shah, eater.com, “Tech Giant Lenovo Unveils 3D Food Printer,” 1 June 2015).

The ‘food printing’ phenom is bursting with ardent fervor from the international arena, as seen in 3D Printshow London this past May.  At the show, the serving menu consisted entirely of 3D printed food (Khushbu Shah, eater.com, “3D Printed Food Pop-Up Hits London Later This Month,” 14 May 2015).  To make the point further, the food was served by a Michelin chef.  As Shah states: “The purpose of the pop-up is to show how 3D printing can ‘[give the world] better methods of manufacturing food and preparing our favorite recipes’, and can streamline ‘the process to offer greater efficiency and perhaps even affordability’.”

With the growing movement spurred by Dimension Alley in Berlin, FabCafé Global, and 3DLab Fab&Café in Mexico City – all of which are 3D printing cafés – the shift has officially been pushed forward from the era of internet cafés.  Beyond printing 3D objects, the advent of printed food – with a caliber of proven quality, taste, and affordability – signifies a bold revolution of the creative imagination in human innovation and ingenuity.

Imagine this: if the individual can print objects as easily as he can food, he could print a café in his own home, complete with pastries, desserts, and sundry food items customized to his liking.  Just as the internet brings the world to the individual in a globalizing fashion, the 3D printer delivers ocular and tangible manifestations of the creative imagination directly to the individual for his use, consumption, and effective lifestyle.  The creative imagination has truly come alive into the animate world.  In a very real sense, subjectivity qua the individual’s imagination has mediated its own objectivity qua materialization via 3D printing.

From Dimension Alley in Berlin, FabCafé Global, 3DLab Fab&Café Mexico City, Lenovo, Chef Jet, and Hershey’s to any individual accessing a 3D printer, the paradigm is moving ever forward towards a full embrace of this Transcendent Era.

 Infinite Creative Potentiality, indeed!



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