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Integrity Redux

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What do you do when you fall short on your personal benchmarks of integrity?

How do you reconcile yourself to your shortcomings? failings? mistakes?

It definitely holds true that you really can never be too old to learn a life lesson, make a silly mistake, or act like a naive – or rather foolish – juvenile who should have definitely known better.  Such are the truly humbling moments in our life.  The key is to leverage those times as fortunate happenstance for humbling self-enlightenment.

Of course, the self-realization of all this smarts at the ego.  Good.  Our egos could use a bit of acute prodding now and then.  Indeed, this is one of the more effective steps in liberating the self from the ego and all related fetters.

And the SWF to all this boils down to:

At the same time we would like to be at our best and realize our highest creative potentiality, it is more often the case we WILL miss the mark.  Some will do so rather more brilliantly than others, while others will go about it in a manner spanning the entire spectrum in-between.  Critical to note here is this is not a signal that we are ultimate failures in any way – at all – rather, quite the contrary.

These times offer us compelling opportunities to make profoundly resonant and long-lasting changes of self-improvement towards a truly meaningful freedom of and from the self.  That liberation is sweetest after those moments we have truly earned and fought for our transcendence.  Truly, it is not the triumph but the aftermath of our defeats that enable some of our greatest achievements.

In turn, we can inspire by example our highest creative potentiality realized through erstwhile darkest moments –  our little badges of transcendence – that we ourselves surmount and turn into our brightest triumphs.



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