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Revolution in the Wave(s)

Do not pursue the past.
Do not lose yourself in the future.
The past no longer is.
The future has not yet come.
Look deeply at life as it is.
–Buddhist proverb

I think revolution happens when you distrust anything in its current state, including yourself.
–Wang Jianwei

With serious consideration towards Buddha and Wang Jianwei, let us (temporarily) adopt an existentialist realism and combine it with a critical mind to question our present state.  In other words, let’s critically assess our current reality to identify where, how, and why we are to change, develop, and improve with a caliber of unparalleled and meaningful excellence.  This qualifier – with a caliber of unparalleled and meaningful excellence – is necessarily key to make the assessment worthwhile.  Otherwise, it would be an exercise of speculation rather than a critical self-revolution of successfully impactful action.

The SWF Analysis:

Taking Buddha’s advice, we can reasonably accept that it makes sense not to  hold onto our past or get lost in fantasizing our future.  Both pursuits detract away from the precious moments of our present with each passing second-interval.  Furthermore, if our present is flooded with a barrage of our past and future, what and where are we truly acting, accomplishing, or achieving?

While Buddha’s advice might be relatively easy to act upon because of our reasonable acceptance of it, Wang Jianwei’s might not be so easy.   Regardless, Jianwei’s is perhaps even more salient: it forces us out of our (self-satisfied) complacency.  For the meaningfully rewarding life – a life of absolute brilliance – never rest on past laurels.

More importantly, never use any other yardstick of comparison than your highest (creative) potentiality to your best self.

And this is where Infinite Potentiality Theory (IPT) comes into play:

Encouraging everyone across time, space, geography, and cultures to realize his infinite creative potentiality (ICP), IPT asserts he will simultaneously attain an ultimate freedom (UF) of and from the self.  By his example, he will ignite forward the creative and collective world-conscious with a reverberating energy in a manner similar to concentrically outward-radiating waves.  These waves effect revolutions towards meaningfully positive change qua service for the benefit of future generations.

The Universal Challenge:

In your moments of quiet (peaceful) repose, take a look around you.  With serious consideration of your creative potentiality, identify all possible areas where you can effect your wave.  With every ripple, is a world of infinite revolutions…