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Juxtaposed Reconciliations: Relationships (I of II)

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I think revolutions happen when you distrust anything in its current state, including yourself.”
–Wang Jianwei

As we close out 2014 and prepare for 2015, it is an opportune time to adopt a retrospective reflection and reconciliation of the beginnings we initiated and endings we let go of this past year. With humbled gratitude for each day of 2014, it behooves us all to reflect on the lessons learned, no matter how bittersweet.  During our retrospective, we might not completely understand all the experiences, dalliances, and chance encounters, however trivial.  Of course, that will come in due time, with studied contemplation.

In your self-reconciliation of all your relations this past year, are there any you severed that you wish instead, to repair?  Are there any you are holding onto – white knuckles and all – that you know you must release?  And still, are there any relations you are ‘on the fence’ about and just don’t know which way to turn?

Sometimes, it is best to forgive, as that is what love asks of us.  Other times, it is best to move on and away, if that will empower us in a meaningfully positive and healthful way.  And still at other times, it is best to let go and relinquish all control to regain and restore peace of mind.

The SWF examined:

With a serenity of quiet repose, it is important to give all these matters and relations serious contemplation with a mind towards finality in the decision(s).  The actions and behaviors of those relations serve as micro-reflections of ourself in any given state and snapshot of time.  In other words, against the quiet finitude of our human condition, the relations we reconcile this past year are self-reflections and personal yardsticks respective of that relationship’s specific locus in our life.

This is immediately relevant to each and every individual across time, space, and geography. After all, life qua relationships – within ourself and with others – is more profoundly understood when we realize the autobiographical content of the lesson(s) (to be) learned accordingly.  Through every decision we make with finality, we simultaneously effect a silent revolution forward to our next personal yardstick (of growth and achievement).

And so, amidst the mirth, merrymaking, and celebrations you enjoy, I wish you meaningfully relevant fulfillment with the revolutions you achieve in the most positively healthful way.

Rock on!



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