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IPT and Activism

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From 2001 forward, the individual’s effective power to make a real difference – at the singular level – set the precedent for all activists to take note. Why 2001? Because of the successful smart mob revolution to topple then-President Joseph Estrada in the Philippines. (For more on smart mobs, please see Howard Rheingold’s Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution.)

The ramifications of this precedent can be seen on three principal levels:

Electronic Technology – elevated, enhanced, and globally present, e-technology mediates the individual’s effective agency to transcend all former limitations of time, space, and geography. E-technology substantiates validity to the adage: ‘one person can make a difference’. More importantly, the creative power behind these transcending technologies is ocular proof and attestation to the individual’s inherent effective agency.

Social Activism – newly resurgent, the entire spectrum from progressives to extremists can stand empowered to further their respective cause and/or agenda. Today, they can – individually and/or jointly – mediate and customize any and all forums of their choosing. At once, their voice can be seen and heard by the eyes and ears of the world.

The Individual – no longer in a vacuum of futility at the singular level, the individual mediates his own effective power and impact. In mediating transcendence over all former limitations of time, space, and geography, s/he forces a redefinition of the (im)possible. Above all, at each moment of action and/or mediation, s/he is tapping into infinite creative potentiality (ICP). By so doing, s/he is attaining ultimate freedom (UF). The key is to sustain those moments of UF to leverage the realm of other liberated from all fetters of self.

The SWF:

Beyond mediating successful acts of revolution and change, e-technology enables the individual’s ability to overcome erstwhile obstacles and challenges. The path has been cleared. The light is GREEN.

There is no challenge that cannot be overcome. We have proven this through our electronic technologies. The more salient point is this:

E-technology – as an example of realized creative potentiality (ICP) – is just one in a myriad proving the extraordinary ingenuity innate within all individuals. The store of creative potentiality is truly infinite. It is itself unbounded, unlimited, and transcendent.

ICP exists unconditionally in infinite supply within all individuals.

That realization alone is resplendent with empowerment.

So how will you leverage your inherent brilliance?



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