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From the Extreme to Excellence

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These go to eleven.”

–Nigel Tufnel, played by Christopher Guest, This Is Spinal Tap

There is something to be said for taking things to the extreme. Some might dismiss it as pathology. Others might extol it as excellence. Still others might attribute it to need-fulfillment for approval. For the purpose of this post, please disregard (at least temporarily) all (mis)perceptions and preconceived notions in the name of candidly raw appraisal.

Without the motivating force to give that necessary ‘extra push’, we would not see the level of athleticism, ingenuity, artistry, architecture, revolutionary and technological advancements as we do today. Cases in point: marathons, triathlons, the computer itself, and space exploration. Indeed, ocular proof exists to an omnipresent degree, giving sufficient merit in support of the extreme.

At its best, the extreme fuels the impetus and momentum towards uncompromising excellence.

The So What Factor (SWF):

When s/he chooses to realize his highest potentiality and does so successfully, s/he becomes ingrained with that success at the cellular level. The first time this happens, the extraordinary precedence established is a tremendous and irreversible accomplishment. Once ingrained, there is an inherent ‘thirst’ to continue in the same direction of success.

Similarly, there is a level of inspiration that spreads from that individual to a concentric circle radiating outside of his specific locus to the global world.

This radiating circle of inspiration can be seen with the spread of thoughts, ideas, and very real achievements worldwide. Take a moment. Look around you. The proof is there if you just take an honest and open look.

This is the brilliance of going from the extreme to uncompromising excellence:

By your example, you inspire others to follow suit and thereby uplift the collective world conscience to the same. The magnitude of inspiration is exponentially heightened when you realize it begins with the individual at the singular level. And that is a beauteous thing.



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