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Mediascapes and Globalization

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Media qua electronic technology has left an indelible mark on the fabric of culture (what I call a ‘mediascape’). Because of this, the entire tapestry is saturated with vibrant hues to an exponentially unparalleled magnitude, one could say the pigmentations are hyper-surreal. Especially from the year 2000 forward, the mediascape has taken on unprecedented dimension (perhaps even a fourth), scope, depth, and illustrative detail. Indeed, it could be a tapestry of its own, distinct from that of culture’s.

Think: opaque hologram.

Analogy aside, media qua electronic technology is omnipresent, proliferating to an exponential degree each day. The effects of this will reverberate for generations to come. At first glance, this might not be an extraordinary statement. However, if you step back and think about the nature of technology itself – its very possibility – the statement becomes extraordinary.

Indeed, technology – like all created phenomena – serves as ocular proof and attestation to the effective power of infinite creative potentiality (ICP). When comparing media and its effect on the fabric of culture to ICP and its effect on humanity – and on a global scale – the magnitude and relative scale of influence between the two become more readily apparent.

Media’s omnipresence is uncontested. But compare it to ICP. On a global scale and for generations to come, ICP is omnipresent and omnipotent to a revolutionary degree.

Let’s get some perspective.

Remember: media and technology are products of realized ICP. By your existence, you yourself are realized ICP. Look around you. Every person, place, and thing around you – by its very (tangible and intangible) actualization – is realized ICP.

Think about the magnitude of this implication. Blow it up, magnify it even more, and blow it up again. Now you will just begin to ‘scratch the surface’ of the tremendous impact and relevance ICP has today.

Accordingly, Infinite Potentiality Theory (IPT) ennobles you to your creative empowerment.

How will you leverage your ICP today?



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