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The Extra Mile

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Undoubtedly, there has been at least one moment in your life when you have been challenged to pull from within and give of yourself  ‘the extra mile‘.  Whether physical, mental, or emotional, the ‘extra ask‘ is a challenging exertion, to say the least.  Challenging, but completely and entirely worthwhile.

In the space of self, challenges – all challenges – are intrusive.  They are a sacrifice, an ask, a risk, a concession.  Usually, they are taken on if the acting individual can see a worthwhile reward.

In the space of other, challenges are fortunate happenstance for high achievement.  They are beneficial, a gift, a reward, an offer.  They are taken on with enthusiasm as opportunities for effecting a positively meaningful accomplishment.  The accomplishment ultimately is contributory.

Indeed, in the space of other, the individual actively seeks and creates opportunities to contribute of himself for the greater good.  Challenges represent one in a myriad of such opportunities.  IPT offers creativity – all creative endeavors – as another.

There are many paths towards greatness.  There are exponentially more avenues towards contributing a positively meaningful difference.  And yet, there is only one way to ultimate freedom of and from the self.

IPT encourages realized creative potentiality towards ultimate freedom.  However, the way is uniquely your own.  It is a unique path because it adheres with unwavering fidelity to your own integrity.

Quite simply, it can be expressed in the following equation:

Integrity + Giving qua Challenges in the Space of Other = Ultimate Freedom

And here, we have another instance of IPT around us!



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