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Ex nihilo, omnia fit.

At the heart of Infinite Potentiality Theory (IPT) is this notion of ex nihilo, omnia fit (out of nothing, everything comes).  It stems from the idea of darkness and light.  It is the primoridal matter of beginnings.

The same can be said of solitude and the potentiality inherent to silence:

Solitude gives us the opportunity to regroup and reposit ourselves if we are going askew.

Regrouping allows us to get out of a routine and steers us towards the new.

Novelty and whimsy emboldens us to great ventures of discovery, growth, and innovative invention.

In the space of self, solitude is silent absence.  It is the possibility of a decidedly pernicious melancholia.  Without realizing it, solitude can engulf and dislodge into a cesspool of longing and trenchant destruction.

In the space of other, solitude is the opportunity for novelty and whimsy to empower the greatest pinnacle of all achievements.  It becomes an opportunity to realize creative potentiality.  And here we have fortunate happenstance for another avenue towards ultimate freedom…

Between destruction and creation, the choice is yours…



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