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One man’s treasure is another man’s rubbish.

What may appear pristine for one person could appear filthy to another.

The grass is always greener…

Relativity qua the observer’s perspective matters.  It carries effective impact on the individual’s worldview and expressive interactions with others.  Across cultures, these perspectives shift to varying (subtle) degrees, reminding all how critically necessary it is to respect those shifts of difference.

Especially in this hypermediated globalized reality, differences of perspective carry even greater influence on each individual’s communicative actions and reactions.  Without a respect of differences, the fabric of cohesive understanding begins to tear.  Forgetting this detail, we have already torn at the fabric, though not irreparably.

Irrespective of inherent differences represented by perspective, there still exists a universal benchmark against which the ‘general majority’ measures within reason.  Across cultures, this benchmark can be understood as a yardstick of indisputably accepted ‘truths’.  Here are a few examples:

Creativity that empowers others in a positively meaningful way is good.

Potentiality –  understood as the potential of potential – is neither good nor bad, it is infinite.

Freedom is the natural state of man.  (As he was born free, whole, without clothing and without chains.)

Kant – and Arendt – called this judgment.  Granted, their respective definitions have a discrete level of remove.  Again, relative perspective.

Indeed, perspective is a rather fickle entity affecting each individual to various degrees of complexity.  At best, it resolves differences and opens portals to untold worlds.  At worst, it condones indifference and excuses ‘near-sighted’ ignorance.  At its extreme, it falsely justifies judgment.

Where there is judgment, there is hypocrisy.  Best not to engage.  Otherwise, we fall into the cesspool of self-aggrandizing delusion.

In this light, it is all the more critical to attain, foster, and safeguard candid self-honesty.  Rather than justify acts of (mis)judgment, why not look outwards with compassionate understanding?  Indeed, if we replaced judgment with understanding at least once a day, how high would the qualitative level of our communicative expression rise?

From differences of perspective, comes a need for respective understanding. 

From understanding, comes a need for globalized social cohesion.

From cohesion, comes a transcendence over (mis)judgment.

From transcendence, comes a return to the original state of man: freedom.

From freedom, comes a realization of potentiality.

This potentiality is another manifestation of Infinite Potentiality Theory (IPT)  in our currently hypermediated e-globalized reality.



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Imagination and Creativity

“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.”

–William Arthur Ward

Imagination and creativity are two very symbiotic and synergistic forces.  Imagination is the canvas, paint, and paintbrush – the medium – of creativity.  Creativity is the fuel and the well-spring of imagination.  Without creativity, imagination is dormant.  Without imagination, creativity has no expression.  Without expression, there is stagnant isolation.

Creativity qua realized infinite creative potentiality (ICP) is at the heart of infinite potentiality theory (IPT).  Realization activates the powerful ICP catalyst (for more on ICP catalyst, please see “ICP Catalyst Examined” from 10 July 204; “Visualization” from 14 July 2014; and/or “Volatility” from 30 July 2014).  Key behind the ICP catalyst is imagination as the medium and expression for creativity.

Imagination in combination with creativity qua the ICP catalyst, produces a tremendously formidable effective power (EP), enabling the individual at the singular level to be revolutionary.  Innovators, inventors, designers, artists, moguls, leaders – creators – all have extraordinarily high EP indexes.  This can be felt just by being near them; they ignite your own resonance and inspire the creativity within you.  Even when you are not physically near them, if you stop and listen to them and observe their communicative expressions, you will also feel so impassioned.  For some, the experience can serve as an (en)lightening bolt of empowerment.

Returning to Ward’s quote above, IPT would revise by adding:

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become itIt just begins with your realized creative potentiality.”

So what will you imagine today?

How will you inspire others with your creativity?

Cheers to the journey!


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What will it take for you to have an amazing day?

What will it take for you to be amazing?


What would you have to do to be famous?

What would you have to do to be inspirational?

There are many modes of attitude and orientation you can adopt as you progress through your day.  The most common is a ‘self-orientation’ as a matter of habit, survival, familiarity, and comfort.  This is the accepted ‘norm’.

Sadly, it is uncommon to see an ‘other-orientation’.  Indeed, the selfless acts of kindness, compassion, care, and sharing with your fellow man is altogether rare.  Rare, but it still happens.  Aside from philanthropy, charity, and holiday-themed goodwill, basic human goodness still endures and because it does, it remains triumphant.  IPT reminds everyone of this very fact through all manifestations of creativity.

Regardless of your belief in or acknowledgment of IPT, it continues to exist.  It exists just as you and your very essence – as a product of creation – exists.  Indeed, within you is a well of infinite creative potentiality.  Your physical, biological, mental, spiritual make-up is creation.  And you prove this every day – multiple times a day – whenever you create.   All creative acts – typing, drawing, cooking, teaching, playing, communicating, engaging – are ocular, tangible proof positive of your creation.

The so what factor (SWF) examined:

So how is all this relevant to you?

When you are engaged in your creativity, you are in a sphere wholly centered around that action.  You are liberated from your self and allow your self to be free in the process.  So liberated, you are in the space of other; the other-orientation.  It takes just the slightest shift to maneuver from a self-orientation to an other-orientation and you do it every day, multiple times a day with each creative act.

Now think concentrically outside your specific locus to the global sphere.  Imagine how you can contribute, empower, and inspire others when you are in an other-orientation.  Imagine how you can make a positively meaningful impact on others in this generation and the next when you focus your creativity, talents, and most powerful energies towards the other.

Again, IPT asks:

What will it take for you to be amazing?

Cheers to your inspiration!


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Global Health

Shakespeare Rapper

Child Prodigy

Composer Virtuoso

World Record-Breaking Athlete

Accomplishments of extraordinary genius exist all around.   When you stop and attune yourself to them, you might just be impressed.  Shifting away from your self, you will find effective resonance in the other.

In the most unlikely places, you will find hope everlasting, resplendent.  The key is to step away from a self-orientation to be in the other qua ultimate freedom.  It is easier than you think.  Although IPT encourages the route of creativity, there are other avenues and boulevards.

Sometimes the most direct route to our achievements is circuitous.  Truly, we are at our most effective when we are not in our self.  And through these ironies, IPT declares as an unwaveringly fixed constant:

From ultimate freedom of and from the self, we liberate others in the process.  By so doing, we ennoble the world collective to its highest potentiality of realized creativity.  Moreover, we empower the global genius exponentially.  And this exponent brings us an additional step towards our global health…


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The Symphony

Do you challenge yourself to your highest excellence?

Do you make a conscious decision to inspire others to brilliance?

What’s holding you back from being your best self and realizing your potential?

When was the last time you fought for your own achievement?  I mean, really persevered through the challenges, and obstacles until your triumph?  How did it feel at that moment of victory?

Sometimes, it is the struggle that makes our accomplishments that much more significant as a personal benchmark.  With each benchmark, we must push ourselves harder to our success if for no other reason than the precedence we established.  Precedence being the operative word.

Beyond ceremony and circumstance, the actions towards our triumph become ingrained in our being.  Victory becomes muscle memory.  And so, we will hunger for it again and again because we recall it as an inherent part of our body.

 Struggle, challenges, the steps towards achievement – high achievement – are part of the creative process.  Creativity manifests in a myriad ways.  Though we may not realize when we are so engaged, we actually do engage and we do so repeatedly throughout our day.

As soon as you acknowledge the ways of your realized creative potentiality, you will be one step closer towards an absolute liberation.  By so doing, you will be in the opportune position of the other qua ultimate freedom.  Opportune because you will find very real and tangible ways to contribute in positively meaningful ways.

You will find effective resonance towards a lot of necessary resolutions.  IPT encourages the realization of your creative potentiality not only for ultimate freedom of and from your self but also for the resulting positive feats you will achieve in the process.  With each feat – inherent to your constitution – you will be one step closer to world resonance.

Creativity has a distinctly unique musical composition.  Indeed, there is beauteously effective charge in the music all around you.  More so when you are an active participant in the symphony.



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Embattled to the brink of bitter defeat, the individual is ennobled to rise ever higher to victory.

Entangled within the mire and shackles of quotidian drudgery, the individual is challenged to reclaim his ardent zeal for life.  Holding onto that zeal with every ounce of life, he breaks free of the entanglements.

Engulfed by a cesspool of incessantly caustic doubt, sabotage, and betrayal, the individual seizes the fortunate happenstance to flip the negativity into unwavering strength.  By so doing, he cleanses his pores of the noxious ooze.

At our lowest, weakest, most vulnerable moments, we have an invaluable opportunity to exhibit our tenacious perseverance to endure and even to transcend stronger and wiser towards our best self.  In a manner, our greatest gifts are given to us at our worst times.  Indeed, our success is all the more relished at those specific moments.

And so, IPT would ask you to think about the challenges and obstacles to your dreams and most accomplished achievements.  As soon as you flip those challenges around one hundred eighty degrees and turn them into miracles of potentiality to realize your best, you have already become your success.  The first step is in the imagining…


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In Triad with Silence

Let’s try an experiment, shall we?

Please close your eyes and listen to all the sounds around you.

Now deafen your ears and concentrate on attaining silence.

One of two things usually happens from this:

Either the sounds increase to a shrill cacophony of noise, or

The sounds decrease to a low murmur.

On rare occasions – for the individual of focused discipline – true silence is achieved.  If you are fortunate enough to ensconce yourself with this qualified level of silence, you undoubtedly are feeling a most blissful peace and serenity.  You are in the state of being qua life, the very essence of essence.

This state of absolute silence is closest to the state of ultimate freedom through realized creative potentiality qua IPT:


In silence, there are worlds of possibilities.  In silence, there are miracles of fortunate happenstance.  In silence, everything and nothing co-exist harmoniously in a continuously interlocking push and pull of the creative processes.

Ultimate Freedom

In ultimate freedom, the individual attains liberation of and from his self.  All related – mundane – fetters become obviated to insignificance, as a nullity.  The individual occupies the space of other and so creates solutions with meaningfully positive impact.  The net effect is a singular contribution to the global collective and its well of positive creative potentiality.

In summation, the key difference between silence and ultimate freedom is seen in their interrelationship:

The magnificent feats of ultimate freedom exist in the state of absolute silence.  The peace and serenity so achieved in silence are executed through the creative process.  This is the same process en route towards ultimate freedom.  In other words, ultimate freedom exists in absolute silence that is itself maintained simultaneously with realized creative potentiality.

And so we uncover a very important triad amongst creative potentiality, absolute silence, and ultimate freedom.  There is kinship between creative potentiality and absolute silence.  Similarly, there is collaborative parity and co-existence between ultimate freedom and absolute silence.  Although absolute silence is not a principal key player in the IPT formula, it is an essential element and indication of IPT in process.