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Striving Achievement vs Living Achievement

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To Become or To Be

To Attempt or To Act

To Strive or To Attain

It is not extraordinarily difficult to understand the difference between realizing your highest achievement as opposed to just thinking about it. Regardless, the completed distance between realizing and thinking is quite rarely traversed. It seems we are stuck in the thinking. What’s worse, the thinking is itself not fully executed. In other words, we haven’t even left the gate towards the realization because we are caught in the mire of the thoughts.

Here is an alternate way of thinking about this conundrum, by way of Hegel, Feuerbach, Marx, and Lukàcs qua ideology vs praxis. This is a very rough overview of the dialectic and its resolution:

Through his discussion of philosophy and history qua the (historical) Spirit and phenomenology, Hegel places ideology at center stage. Feuerbach then came along to ‘turn Hegel on his head’ and place praxis above ideology. Taking a nod from Feuerbach, Marx calls for (revolutionary) praxis directed towards the proletariat-bourgeoisie class struggle. Seeing a middle ground, Lukàcs focused on the concrete totality, arguing for ideology as prerequisite before effective praxis.

Again, this is a very crude overview. However, the point is in Lukàcs qua totality. Perhaps the best way to disentangle from the mire of thoughts is to maintain focus on the totality of your proposed achievement. Accounting for the ‘worm’s eye view’ along with the ‘bird’s eye view’ for a comprehensive perspective enables your transcending attainment.




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