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Intentionality (Effective Power)

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There is an effective power behind intentionality qua action as opposed to attempted action. When you really think about it, attempted action is a contradiction. If you are attempting, you are not acting. (You are miming.) If you are acting, you are not attempting. (You are doing.)

Increasingly today, individuals – who are not professional mimes – are gesticulating and far too much. It is as if they are living in a self-imposed invisible box of their own creation. Sadly, this is the great self-perpetrated irony (as if we are engaging in an ‘en-masse’ sabotage against ourselves):

In this hypermediated e-globalized world enabling the individual’s effective agency at the singular level, s/he has even more incentive empowerment to jettison all obstacles to success. However, instead of leveraging this agency, s/he is tenaciously holding onto the deleterious impediments nullifying that leverage. In other words, instead of being empowered to success, the individual is sabotaging himself at every turn.

There is no reason to perpetuate this irony any further.

Indeed, IPT calls you to make the conscious decision – today – to embrace your effective agency. Set forth the ripples concentrically outwards from your locus to the world and make a meaningfully positive impact.   Be empowered to your own success and inspire others through your example.

There is no better time than now.



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