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Normalcy vs. Judgment

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What is your normal?

How do you define your normal?

How do you judge your normal?

It seems there is a common tendency for individuals to pass judgment on others with respect to what they themselves deem ‘normal’.

And yet, whose definition are they using? 

Within which social structure are they basing this definition? 

What category of recognition are they using in the definition, if any?

Unfortunately, embedded within the judgment of normalcy is a judgment of character. However, the judge’s definition of the judged’s character is an exhibition of his own character (and lack thereof).  This is the subtlety betrayed in the judgment.

Similarly, in the judgment of normalcy is a betrayal of skewed indifference towards those very categories of ‘normal’ defined and utilized.  This is the fallacy of normative judgment.  Perhaps a paradigm shift is in order to counteract this fallacy.

How about shift towards compelling basic human decency?

How about a conscious daily act of understanding?

Why not promote and instill others with (selfless) kindness towards our fellow man?

If these could be our initial steps towards normative definitions and judgments of ‘normal’, we would be one step closer to a grand resolution of the human condition…



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