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Luxury First and Foremost

What are your indulgences?

Look around you.  What decadence do you hide away – or showcase – but secretly prize most?

Everyone has at least one…

Now think about your daily routine.  Do you allot time for a luxurious indulgence?  If not, why not?  No time? Hmmmm……

You deserve luxury.  Your life is worthy of decadent indulgences.  If this all seems too self-serving, it really is not.

When was the last time you satisfied your hunger qua life?  I mean really, truly, and completely satisfied it?  Have you ever hungered for life in full force and vivid vibrancy?

Sometimes, a luxurious indulgence is a good place to start.  Take a taste and you will understand why.  Earn the taste and you will never look back.  And you deserve the height of life’s very best.

When you think about it, creativity is the infinite boundlessness of all indulgence.  It fuels all of life as its wellspring.  Life qua creativity is a gift to be lived to its furthest limits and that is true indulgence.  That is the voluptuous body of magnanimous luxury that is truly life propria.

So here, I propose to you:

Earn a taste of luxury and emblazon the world with meaningful indulgence qua vibrantly realized creativity.

And so too the forthcoming empowerment from your inspiration.

And so too the miraculous power of the ICP catalyst, infinitely everlasting as your paragon of excellence in all things around you.

Eternal, everlasting, truth especially in the details is a luxurious indulgence indeed!

Cheers to the feast,



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Passionate Engagement

Have you ever observed an artist in the middle of creating?

Have you ever been inspired by a person who earnestly believes in his craft?

Have you ever felt impassioned to inspire others?

It is a most beauteous gift to be present when others share their talent(s) with you.  Indeed, when you are allowed privileged access to another’s passion(s) it can inspire the same within you.  Talent – true talent – empowers as it inspires and sweeps you into the moment, awakening your every senses to the present.

Everyone possesses talent(s).  It is a matter of realization and acknowledgment as such.  Similarly, everyone has an infinite store of creative potentiality inherently within themselves.  Again, it is a matter of realization and acknowledgment as such.

Rather than being an esoteric and nebulous philosophy wafting above in the firmaments, infinite potentiality theory (IPT) is a very real reflection of the current reality.  In response to the electronically mediated globalized present, IPT announces an open declaration as such.  IPT’s clarion call is long overdue.

The proposed qualitative ontological paradigm shift from the phenomenological-metaphysical duality to the creative potentiality-ultimate freedom collaboration is not an announcement of portending.  It is a declaration after the fact of the happening.  It has already occurred.

And the shift is a step in the right direction.  Indeed, both paradigms are dyads; the former exists in dualistic tension while the latter is an effectively kinetic synergy.  From tension to synergy, quite a positive step forward!

And so we say unto you, forward on…


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Clarity and Understanding

Of the pre-Socratics, Thales argued for water, Anaximander argued for apeiron, and Anaximenes for air, as the single constant, unchanging universal element.  To settle the debate, Empedocles came on the side of all four elements while Anaxagoras shifted from the physical material to the internal mind with nous.  And of course, there are the Atomists Democritus and Leucippus.  We know who Lavoisier and Mendeleev would vote for; the Periodic Table as a case in point.

The common delineation amongst them all is they could not agree while each having demonstrably valid points of view.

The debate did not stop at the elements:

Heraclitus believed all equilibrium is flux.  Parmenides and the Eleatics did not believe in change at all.  Of course, the evidence overwhelmingly supports Heraclitus.  Life is kinetic, everlasting change.

And then there are the great shortcomings disguised as genius:

In an attempt to offer a single elegant universal equation, Einstein introduced the world to his special relativity theory.  However, it applies to all physical phenomena except gravity and is really only valid in a vacuum.  Man does not live in a vacuum.

Great philosophical and scientific minds from the pre-Socratics to Einstein, astrophysicists, string theorists and countless others have all contemplated in search of a single solution to explain the universe.  And the debate continues.  Somehow, I remain unconvinced that just one all-encompassing answer is able to account for all possible phenomena.

Perhaps our efforts are better invested in reflective contemplation of active realization qua creative potentiality.  More to the point, if reflection occurs after creative realization, the active meaning so derived would be exponentially poignant.  Of course, one could say this is a nod to Lukacs qua the Hegel-Feuerbach-Marx debate.  However, I would ask you to step away from that (political) construct and reposit yourself in the microcosm of your exact time-space-geographical locus…

Indeed, when you refocus to the minutest detail your presence in the present, you will be one step closer to an effective realization of your creative potential because you will be in the moment of active engagement.  Looking around your locus, you will be able to access direct clarity when you openly acknowledge your effective power to make a positive impact.

There is an unquantifiably extraordinary amount of power within each individual.  As soon as that power is leveraged – in a positive pursuit focused creatively in the present – the sooner you will become ultimate freedom.  Hence, infinite potentiality theory’s dictum:

carpe mundus, illuminare infinitas!


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Reflective Appreciation

There is a simple beauty to the world around you.  In moments of reflective serenity, you might even find a brilliant grace within all the details.  In a manner, the organized chaos, discordant harmony, and cognitive dissonance between technology and nature, real and virtual, fixed and movable, and synthetic and natural, all seem to fit as a jigsaw puzzle into an almost surrealist tapestry against the banner of our locus within our particular time-space-geography coordinates.  It is keenly spectacular to see powering all of this is a single truth: infinite creative potentiality (ICP).

How so?

Let’s break it down:

Potentiality is itself timeless and infinite.  It is the potential of potential.  At the moment of its realization, it becomes the actualization.

Like potentiality, creativity is infinite.  Limitless, it is falsely bounded by man’s imagination.  Unlike potentiality, creativity runs continuous before, during, and after its realization so it is not itself transformed.  Instead, it mediates direct transformation qua transcendence to an ultimate freedom of and from the self.  If you ever observe the process of creation – artistic or otherwise – pay attention to the person creating.  Notice the expressions, actions, behaviors, and the very ‘space’ s/he occupies.  Indeed, s/he is transported and very much of the moment.

Creativity and Potentiality are equal key elements of ICP.  In tandem, they give ICP its effective essence of existence.  After all, within each atom and element of life is creation as an instance and product of the created.  Within all creation is potentiality in every possible direction and dimension.

Within the push and pull between Creativity and Potentiality is the jigsaw miraculously fitting together.  The ‘smooth edges’ keeping them all in place is the powerful ICP catalyst.  Indeed, the energy required to bring all these pieces together – albeit, in (discordant) harmony – is unquantifiable.  Hence, the ICP catalyst to ‘fit the bill’.

Perspective is keenly necessary when looking at a tapestry.  Stepping back or coming ‘nose-to-nose’ will give you a different truth each time.  Apply this to the world around you the next time you decide to take a good look.


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Alternate Routes

There are a myriad ways to attain ultimate freedom.  Infinite Potentiality Theory (IPT) argues for the route of realized creative potentiality, especially as it mediates a lasting achievement.  However, there are other ways.  So far, I have mentioned the following:

1) Recognition of excellence in others (from my post “Recognition” of 15 July 2014),

2) The combination of talent and humility (from my post “Talent and Humility” of 20 July 2014), and

3) Laughter (from my post “Laughter” of 20 July 2014).

The point of all this is to ground your understanding of being in the other qua ultimate freedom as a very real and omnipresent occurrence.  The manner in which we arrive is a choice.  The point is, we have arrived and continue to do so repeatedly.

Therefore, IPT is not just a philosophy wafting in the conceptual sphere as a nebulous or esoteric ideology.  On the contrary, it is a critically necessary reflection of the current very highly e-mediated reality.  Furthermore, it is a philosophy demanding the individual to think seriously on his impact and how he can contribute a meaningfully lasting and positive difference not just in his particular locus but also concentrically to the outside world.

By calling for a qualitative ontological paradigm shift from the phenomenological-metaphysical dyad to the ICP-UF collaborative interrelationship, IPT is thus responding to what has already happened.  No longer is the individual restricted by time, space, or geography when he has mediated an e-transcendence over such classical limitations.  Moreover, he is no longer excluded from knowledge a priori when he has himself effected and occupied the realm of other.  It is a matter of acknowledgment as such.

And yet again, we slide closer along the shift…


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There is an undoubtedly powerful (reflective) quality to laughter.  It heals, restores, uplifts, and even brings us to moments of serenity in truth.  At the very least, it brings us welcome moments of much needed pause, albeit brief.

Breaking it down to three aspects through an IPT lens:

1) Laughter – genuine laughter – reminds us of what is authentically humorous.  Otherwise, we would not laugh.  The more important reflection is why.  What about what was conveyed to us makes us laugh?

2) Laughter brings us to candid self-reflection as we find those moments of truth in the humor.  Hence the reason we willingly invest the hour or two to watch our favorite comedian.

3) Laughter immediately transports us to the realm of other.  In the raw candor of the moment, we are not in the self.  Instead, we exhibit genuine appreciation for the humor through our laughter.  Indeed, in reacting with appreciation and acting in reflection, we are in the moment.

Above all, there is an authenticity of simplicity in laughter.  It reminds us of our human condition.  It speaks to the foibles of our humanity, uniting us all.  It brings us to a sincere humility as we allow ourselves to let go and just laugh…



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Invention Revolution

What makes you sing?  I mean, really vibrate to a resonating level where the intensity of your passions inspire others around you?

Have you ever observed the way a child discovers or learns something new?

Do you remember the last time you absorbed information as rapidly as a sponge and with an equal hunger?

It is nonsense to convince yourself that the time has passed to live and experience new discoveries after you have reached a certain age.  Beyond rubbish, such a notion is useless in the face of the omnipresent innovations around you to prove otherwise.  The operative word here is innovation.

Indeed, it is with a mindset of innocence and discovery – through childhood fancies of our most joyful moments – that we are propelled to our greatest breakthroughs and discoveries.  It runs at the heart of invention.  And invention fuels breakthrough innovations as history – and our electronically mediated present – shows.

More than ever, it is critically necessary to uphold and leverage our childhood fancies and innocence to realize those inherent creative potentialities guiding invention.  There is a quiet renaissance around you.  At the moments and places you least expect it, they are actively rebelling against the status quo in the name of (electronic) revolution.

Take time to observe your surroundings from your current locus to the expanded world.  It might prove a rewarding project to discover where you fit in contributing new. You might even begin hearing your song