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Infinite Potentiality Theory (IPT) describes the qualitative ontological paradigm shift of dyads from the phenomenological-metaphysical duality to the infinite creative potentiality (ICP)-ultimate freedom (UF) collaboration.  As a result of the shift, the essence of existence is redefined as ICP and the essence of essence is redefined as UF.  So how is this relevant to your life?

The great philosophers from Kant, Hegel, Fichte, Feuerbach, and even Merleu-Ponty to the hermeneutics qua Gadamer and the post-structuralists qua Heidegger, have contemplated and debated the self-other/subjective-objective duality.  Roughly, the issue is one of phenomenology and metaphysics that Kant erupted with his denial of man’s ability to access knowledge a priori:

The phenomenological is the a posteriori realm of the senses.  It is subjectivity, or the self.

The metaphysical is the a priori realm of the object or, thing-in-itself.  It is objectivity, or the other.

Kant believed we could only know the phenomenological and not the metaphysical, ergo the duality between self and other.  However, beyond a mere duality, Kant erects a myopic ‘invisible wall’ with subjective relevance and perspective at center focus.  In a phenomenological-only world, the individual’s subjective interpretations – purely through his senses – clouds his interactions as they are pivoted entirely around his specifically internalized locus.  In other words, if Kant is correct, the individual is inexorably trapped inside himself, unable to transcend to the outside world around him without his phenomenological myopia.

By shifting away from the duality and offering a collaborative ICP-UF construct in its place, IPT resolves and restores a subject-object/self-other unity.  Emphasizing creative realization towards absolute liberation of and from the self, IPT ennobles the individual to reposit himself.  By so doing, s/he becomes freedom.  In other words, by liberating his self and becoming freedom (realm of other), s/he is simultaneously self and other.  S/he is unity.

Think about the tremendous implications of this unity from your finite time-space-geographical locus to the global world outside your locus:

Locus: microsphere of the internal individual (psyche)

Through a newly-formed unity between the self and the other within the internal psyche, the individual is thus liberated from all related fetters and shackles associated with the self.  S/he is granted immediate access to the realm of other, rather than being excluded outright.  Indeed, no longer is the internal tension of dichotomy a hindrance to effective communicative expression because that dichotomy has been removed.

More importantly, by embodying freedom and being in the realm of other, s/he is better able to contribute and effect meaningfully positive change.  S/he can set the momentum forward to a lasting progress for present and future generations by inspiring others with an equal empowerment to follow suit.  Thus empowered, s/he will effectively and actively seek areas of deficiency where s/he can make a meaningfully positive contribution.

Global: macrosphere of the global arena for constructive and meaningful collaborative communication and innovation initiatives

Internally unified, the individual becomes an example to inspire others towards the same unity.  Casting away illusions of the dichotomy as such begins the wave of unity radiating concentrically outside his internal locus.  From the microsphere of localized places to the macrosphere of the global arena, the initiative will be to act reflexively outside the realm of self to that of other in the name of peace.

Backed by the spirit of IPT, the initiative will be cast under the auspices of meaningfully positive communicative dialogue towards a lasting harmony.  At the level of nations, this is a critical necessity.  Outside ‘self-considerations’ of ambition, power, and strategy, the individual with unity exemplifies transcendence to ‘other-considerations’ and is so motivated.  Wholly contained within the liberated self while reposited in the other, the individual transforms his locality that transforms community that transforms nations.

Iacta est alea, and so we move forward with unwavering dedication to a meaningfully lasting and positive impact in the present for our future generations…



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