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Igniting An East-West Globalizing Dialogue


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The magnitude of benevolence and goodwill towards our fellow man is exponentially increased when orchestrated at the global arena.  This is not an extraordinary statement.  The effective potentiality each individual possesses inherently and at the singular level to affect the global arena, however, is extraordinary.

Imagine if that potentiality were transmitted and directed towards making an effectively positive and meaningful innovation or change of lasting impact. 

Imagine if that potentiality were transmitted and directed towards meaningfully respectful communicative discourse of understanding.

Imagine if that potentiality were transmitted and directed towards mercy.

Mercy” denotes compassion, forbearance, and kindness towards others, especially when they are in an unfavorable position (usually of wrongdoing).  “Compassion” is the operative word at the heart of “mercy“.  “Compassion” denotes profound sympathy with an equally profound desire to alleviate the suffering.

When combining the individual’s effective potentiality with mercy, it is the compassionate element – seeking to alleviate suffering – that offers enduring hope to humanity.  It unites us and reminds us of our human condition.  Above all, it strikes at the critical necessity for an open, respectful dialogue at the global arena from a position of other.

Imagine if a global forum directed their energies towards compassionate amelioration of differences in the mindset of the other.

Extraordinary, indeed.

Before the e-revolution, the possible realization of this would be a rarity.  Today, it is an effective commonality.   As soon as we e-mediated our transcendence over classical limitations of time, space, and geography, we simultaneously made our effective – singular – presence globally.  Truly, we have ushered in the Transcendent Era.

And so my friends, in looking to those around you, be mindful to do so through compassionate eyes of mercy.

On mercy, we thank you Dave Matthews!



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