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My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

       –2 Corinthians 12:9

True integrity and strength of character is tested during our most arduous trials.  Tests of adversity, strife, and heartache are fortunate opportunities to evince our true character.  Like yardsticks, our reactions are poignant reflections of our progress or regression at that specific moment.

 As with all challenges, at our best, we triumph victoriously.  Other times we stumble and wobble through.  At our worst, we fail miserably.  This is understandably part of the human condition.

While it is easy to extol our triumphs and rest satisfied with our successes, we are better served through our weakest, lowest, and most vulnerable moments.  Rather than taint them as our failures, we must find triumph in those dark miseries.  Verily, they are the most illuminating.

At the instant we have sunken down into the mire and cesspool of our failures, we must aspire upwards with unwaveringly obdurate dedication:

If we can elicit a fountain from the dearth and paucity of our dryest well, we have succeeded.

If we can give our compassionate understanding while being slighted maliciously, we have succeeded.

If we can quell the volatility of our emotional reactions to ugly pettiness against us, we have succeeded.

Understandably, all this is easier said than done.  If it were easy, we would see less accidents, less violence, and more good Samaritans amongst our fellow man.  And yet, it is critically necessary that we stop ourselves from the chaos of rage and malice and instead, give of ourselves our compassionate understanding.

To do so is to prove our love of and membership in our shared humanity.

Oklahoma’s state motto is: labor omnia vincit.  I would rather proclaim: amor omnia vincit (love conquers all).  Indeed, it is our common love of life as created beings that unites us.  From this love, infinite potentiality theory (IPT) draws its faith in each individual to inspiration and empowerment through realized creative potentiality towards ultimate freedom.

Without this core belief at its foundation, IPT would rest ineffective, fallow in pure potentiality without active realization.  Indeed, IPT encourages the shift away from acting in the self towards acting in the other with an unwavering belief in man’s ability to do so:

Acting in the self condones destruction, justifies malice, and fuels the powder keg of pervasive volatility perniciously around us today.

Acting in the other positively creates with meaningful impact that transcends, liberates, and above all: loves.

Between destructive malice and transcendent love, the choice is yours.



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