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Sharing Time

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Sharing of yourself – with an authentic presence of integrity – is a precious gift of time and inspirational servitude. There is an electric charge unique to each individual – as a fingerprint – that contributes to a collective energy field.  What we bring to this field – what we share and how we share – is invaluable.  The potentiality of this field is infinitely boundless.

Similarly, the energy activated and released upon active realization of creative potentiality via the ICP catalyst is invaluable.  It has an equal boundlessness that can revolutionize epochs and usher in new eras. Indeed, a new era has already arrived:

The Transcendent Era is so named as a response to man’s e-mediated transcendence over classical limitations of time, space, and geography.  Truly, he has become a satellite unto himself, powerfully effective at the singular level and in the global arena.

In other words:

Man has entered the Transcendent Era.  In the dawn of this new era, we must jettison the obsolete (jaded) defeatest attitude that one person cannot make a difference.  Instead, it is critically necessary to replace it with an acknowledged realization that he really does have agency at the singular level to effect change.  And his agency has global impact.

In light of this new era, IPT becomes all the more salient.  The energy IPT describes has the demonstrative power to effect innovation and change at the global level and all related spheres of life: political, economic, social, micro-and macro- alike.  Empowered with such limitless possibilities, man must take responsibility to realize them wisely and well:

In the sphere of other, he will seek ways of contributing with a meaningfully positive and lasting impact for future generations.

In the sphere of other, he will share and collaborate in the energy field towards meaningful innovation and transcendence.

In the sphere of other, he will exemplify realized creative potentiality, sharing in the collaborative creative processes of the global collective.

In the sphere of other, he will inspire absolute liberation as he embodies and exemplifies ultimate freedom.

It all begins with sharing of the self…

To the Transcendent Era and your own transcendence, cheers!



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