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Game Theory

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Zero-sum game is a term used to describe a situation where there is an ultimate winner (+) and loser (-).  The balance of the (+) and (-) yields a zero-sum.  Of course, this is the most basic of all ‘games’ with which you are undoubtedly familiar.

Unfortunately, quite a majority apply this ‘game’ to their quotidian interactions with others.  Perhaps they do so in the name of self-preservation.  After all, man is so adverse to being (let alone, admitting) wrong that he will do everything to avoid the position.

Almost as an assumed axiom, self-preservation and the measures we take towards this end are parts of the human condition.  It is so pervasive that we even desensitize ourselves when we do it.   Indeed, we will condone belittling others to aggrandize ourselves and so perpetuate the zero-equilibrium.

Is there an alternative?

Let’s take a look through the IPT lens:

Infinite potentiality theory’s end-goal is ultimate freedom of and from the self and all related fetters and shackles.  The way towards this absolute liberation is through the individual’s realization of his inherent creative potentiality of which he has an infinite supply.  At the moments of realization – and yes, the  operative word: moments, being in the plural, means that it happens many times throughout the day – he activates the powerful ICP catalyst and thus accesses an enormously unquantifiable amount of strength and empowerment each time.

More importantly, he releases the power of the catalyst – and the resulting empowerment – to the world as a shared experience contributed to the collective unconscious.  In other words, by himself being empowered, he shares it with the world and so uplifts his fellow man in the creative realization.   And here we have it: positive-sum game.

In IPT’s positive-sum game, there is not just a winner (+) at two sides (+) of the playing field.  Instead, there is a single unified winner at the global arena across time, space, geography, and dimension.  Creativity is the common unifier amongst all man.  As a created being, the very essence of his existence is creation, produced through realized creative potentiality.

And here we return to IPT’s qualitative ontological paradigm shift redefining the essence of existence to be infinite creative potentiality.  At the moment of realization, he attains ultimate freedom of and from the self into the realm of other.  In that realm – liberated from all shackles of self – there is no strategem for self-gain, no artifice for self-preservation, and no axiomatic desensitization to ruthless amorality.

And so we say unto you: between self-preservationist savagery and absolute liberation, the choice is yours.



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