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Exemplary Youth

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Integrity is ageless. 

Beyond all adequate words of expression, it is profoundly humbling to witness the next generation youth rise to their potential excellence.  From feats of extraordinary brilliance to simple acts of guidance in life-lessons, the accomplishments of our children are truly beauteous.  When they uphold their integrity and so develop their character, it is gracefully resplendent.

And this is happening all around you, in the places and at the times you least expect.

Though empowerment transcends, inspiration is transcendent:

The son honors his father when he lifts his brother, guiding him through a life-lesson. 

The daughter glorifies her mother when she holds herself with dignity and self-respect in appearance and deeds of character.

The newborn restores and reinforces hope to the world through its enduring and tenacious will to life.

And so the circle continues, fueled by a positive creative cycle to counter the perniciously destructive undercurrent as the push-and-pull of life presses inexorably forward.  When we can stop and observe our youth during those precious moments, the cycles run less invasively as we are unaffected.  When we open our hands to touch the warmth of our children’s glory, we reflectively radiate the inspiration to others by example and so contribute concentrically beyond our locus.

Shine on, my friends, shine on!



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