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Igniting An East-West Globalizing Dialogue

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The magnitude of benevolence and goodwill towards our fellow man is exponentially increased when orchestrated at the global arena.  This is not an extraordinary statement.  The effective potentiality each individual possesses inherently and at the singular level to affect the global arena, however, is extraordinary.

Imagine if that potentiality were transmitted and directed towards making an effectively positive and meaningful innovation or change of lasting impact. 

Imagine if that potentiality were transmitted and directed towards meaningfully respectful communicative discourse of understanding.

Imagine if that potentiality were transmitted and directed towards mercy.

Mercy” denotes compassion, forbearance, and kindness towards others, especially when they are in an unfavorable position (usually of wrongdoing).  “Compassion” is the operative word at the heart of “mercy“.  “Compassion” denotes profound sympathy with an equally profound desire to alleviate the suffering.

When combining the individual’s effective potentiality with mercy, it is the compassionate element – seeking to alleviate suffering – that offers enduring hope to humanity.  It unites us and reminds us of our human condition.  Above all, it strikes at the critical necessity for an open, respectful dialogue at the global arena from a position of other.

Imagine if a global forum directed their energies towards compassionate amelioration of differences in the mindset of the other.

Extraordinary, indeed.

Before the e-revolution, the possible realization of this would be a rarity.  Today, it is an effective commonality.   As soon as we e-mediated our transcendence over classical limitations of time, space, and geography, we simultaneously made our effective – singular – presence globally.  Truly, we have ushered in the Transcendent Era.

And so my friends, in looking to those around you, be mindful to do so through compassionate eyes of mercy.

On mercy, we thank you Dave Matthews!


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Infinite Potentiality Theory (IPT) describes the qualitative ontological paradigm shift of dyads from the phenomenological-metaphysical duality to the infinite creative potentiality (ICP)-ultimate freedom (UF) collaboration.  As a result of the shift, the essence of existence is redefined as ICP and the essence of essence is redefined as UF.  So how is this relevant to your life?

The great philosophers from Kant, Hegel, Fichte, Feuerbach, and even Merleu-Ponty to the hermeneutics qua Gadamer and the post-structuralists qua Heidegger, have contemplated and debated the self-other/subjective-objective duality.  Roughly, the issue is one of phenomenology and metaphysics that Kant erupted with his denial of man’s ability to access knowledge a priori:

The phenomenological is the a posteriori realm of the senses.  It is subjectivity, or the self.

The metaphysical is the a priori realm of the object or, thing-in-itself.  It is objectivity, or the other.

Kant believed we could only know the phenomenological and not the metaphysical, ergo the duality between self and other.  However, beyond a mere duality, Kant erects a myopic ‘invisible wall’ with subjective relevance and perspective at center focus.  In a phenomenological-only world, the individual’s subjective interpretations – purely through his senses – clouds his interactions as they are pivoted entirely around his specifically internalized locus.  In other words, if Kant is correct, the individual is inexorably trapped inside himself, unable to transcend to the outside world around him without his phenomenological myopia.

By shifting away from the duality and offering a collaborative ICP-UF construct in its place, IPT resolves and restores a subject-object/self-other unity.  Emphasizing creative realization towards absolute liberation of and from the self, IPT ennobles the individual to reposit himself.  By so doing, s/he becomes freedom.  In other words, by liberating his self and becoming freedom (realm of other), s/he is simultaneously self and other.  S/he is unity.

Think about the tremendous implications of this unity from your finite time-space-geographical locus to the global world outside your locus:

Locus: microsphere of the internal individual (psyche)

Through a newly-formed unity between the self and the other within the internal psyche, the individual is thus liberated from all related fetters and shackles associated with the self.  S/he is granted immediate access to the realm of other, rather than being excluded outright.  Indeed, no longer is the internal tension of dichotomy a hindrance to effective communicative expression because that dichotomy has been removed.

More importantly, by embodying freedom and being in the realm of other, s/he is better able to contribute and effect meaningfully positive change.  S/he can set the momentum forward to a lasting progress for present and future generations by inspiring others with an equal empowerment to follow suit.  Thus empowered, s/he will effectively and actively seek areas of deficiency where s/he can make a meaningfully positive contribution.

Global: macrosphere of the global arena for constructive and meaningful collaborative communication and innovation initiatives

Internally unified, the individual becomes an example to inspire others towards the same unity.  Casting away illusions of the dichotomy as such begins the wave of unity radiating concentrically outside his internal locus.  From the microsphere of localized places to the macrosphere of the global arena, the initiative will be to act reflexively outside the realm of self to that of other in the name of peace.

Backed by the spirit of IPT, the initiative will be cast under the auspices of meaningfully positive communicative dialogue towards a lasting harmony.  At the level of nations, this is a critical necessity.  Outside ‘self-considerations’ of ambition, power, and strategy, the individual with unity exemplifies transcendence to ‘other-considerations’ and is so motivated.  Wholly contained within the liberated self while reposited in the other, the individual transforms his locality that transforms community that transforms nations.

Iacta est alea, and so we move forward with unwavering dedication to a meaningfully lasting and positive impact in the present for our future generations…


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The ICP (infinite creative potentiality) catalyst is a very powerful force pivotal to the IPT (infinite potentiality theory) formula:

IPT = ∞ CP  ∆͢   UF

The ICP catalyst is represented by the   ∆͢   .  I discuss just how powerful it is in my post “Ultimate Freedom” from 12 June 2014:

This interplay between creativity and the self – at the immediate moment when creativity is realized – is an incredibly powerful catalyst.

Here is some perspective on just how powerful:

Shakyamuni Buddha stated that “…in twenty-four hours our life is born and dying, rising and falling 6,400,099,980 times” (Taizan Maezumi Roshi, Appreciate Your Life: The Essence of Zen Practice, Part 1, “The Essence of Zen; Appreciate Your Life,” p.5).  Quantum physicists estimate the amount of energy required to bridge the discrepancy between the quantum world and the classical world is roughly a trillion times more (E = mc2) energy than all the mass of all the stars and planets out twenty billion light years.  Between Shakyamuni Buddha and the quantum physicists, we are talking about an extraordinary amount of energy and still it does not even come close to what is within the ICP catalyst!

So how is it that there is so much energy in the ICP catalyst?

Precisely because potentiality – the potential of potential – is everything and nothing, all that is, ever will be, and has not yet been, we can accurately state that because the possibility is infinite, the related store of energy to ignite potential into actual is exponentially equal to that boundless infinity. 

With that, you have the ‘how’ and ‘why’ explanations about this powerful catalyst.  Now, I am going to focus on the ‘so what’.  Let’s break it down through the IPT lens:

The nature of a catalyst is to disrupt the status quo by precipitating change between two or more entities.  In this manner, there is a measure of inherent  volatility specific to the yielded change.  This can be better understood illustrated on a spectrum.

From (+/+) on the extreme left; (+/-) in the middle as a null value; and (-/-) on the extreme right:

(+/+) When a creative force is met with creativity, the effect of the interaction is catalyzed by a positive-net yield volatility.  This is pure creativity.

(+/-) When a creative force is met with destruction, the effect of the interaction is catalyzed by a nullified-net yield volatility.  This is negated creativity.

(-/-) When a negative force is met with destruction, the effect of the interaction is catalyzed by a negative-net yield volatility.  This is pure destruction.

In summary, to agitate change from the status quo, an enormous amount of powerful energy is required.  This power-energy precipitant qua the ICP catalyst is effective volatility.  This volatility can yield everything on the spectrum from pure creativity to pure destruction.

IPT is centered around the meaningfully positive infinite creative potentiality behind the catalyst mediating the individual’s ultimate freedom.  Upon attainment of that absolute liberation of and from the self, the individual becomes freedom qua other.

The key shift from living in the self to living in the other guides an unparalleled qualitative evolution with a mindset firmly on the creative.  From self to other mediates a seamless ennoblement from destruction to creation.  Above all, it is a shift keenly discovering and resolving deficiencies, weaknesses, and fallacies as illusory.  Indeed, it is a raw freedom with tangible, ocular, lasting impact for the inspirational empowerment of present and future generations to come.

Cheers, to the shift!


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Sharing Time

Sharing of yourself – with an authentic presence of integrity – is a precious gift of time and inspirational servitude. There is an electric charge unique to each individual – as a fingerprint – that contributes to a collective energy field.  What we bring to this field – what we share and how we share – is invaluable.  The potentiality of this field is infinitely boundless.

Similarly, the energy activated and released upon active realization of creative potentiality via the ICP catalyst is invaluable.  It has an equal boundlessness that can revolutionize epochs and usher in new eras. Indeed, a new era has already arrived:

The Transcendent Era is so named as a response to man’s e-mediated transcendence over classical limitations of time, space, and geography.  Truly, he has become a satellite unto himself, powerfully effective at the singular level and in the global arena.

In other words:

Man has entered the Transcendent Era.  In the dawn of this new era, we must jettison the obsolete (jaded) defeatest attitude that one person cannot make a difference.  Instead, it is critically necessary to replace it with an acknowledged realization that he really does have agency at the singular level to effect change.  And his agency has global impact.

In light of this new era, IPT becomes all the more salient.  The energy IPT describes has the demonstrative power to effect innovation and change at the global level and all related spheres of life: political, economic, social, micro-and macro- alike.  Empowered with such limitless possibilities, man must take responsibility to realize them wisely and well:

In the sphere of other, he will seek ways of contributing with a meaningfully positive and lasting impact for future generations.

In the sphere of other, he will share and collaborate in the energy field towards meaningful innovation and transcendence.

In the sphere of other, he will exemplify realized creative potentiality, sharing in the collaborative creative processes of the global collective.

In the sphere of other, he will inspire absolute liberation as he embodies and exemplifies ultimate freedom.

It all begins with sharing of the self…

To the Transcendent Era and your own transcendence, cheers!


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Exemplary Youth

Integrity is ageless. 

Beyond all adequate words of expression, it is profoundly humbling to witness the next generation youth rise to their potential excellence.  From feats of extraordinary brilliance to simple acts of guidance in life-lessons, the accomplishments of our children are truly beauteous.  When they uphold their integrity and so develop their character, it is gracefully resplendent.

And this is happening all around you, in the places and at the times you least expect.

Though empowerment transcends, inspiration is transcendent:

The son honors his father when he lifts his brother, guiding him through a life-lesson. 

The daughter glorifies her mother when she holds herself with dignity and self-respect in appearance and deeds of character.

The newborn restores and reinforces hope to the world through its enduring and tenacious will to life.

And so the circle continues, fueled by a positive creative cycle to counter the perniciously destructive undercurrent as the push-and-pull of life presses inexorably forward.  When we can stop and observe our youth during those precious moments, the cycles run less invasively as we are unaffected.  When we open our hands to touch the warmth of our children’s glory, we reflectively radiate the inspiration to others by example and so contribute concentrically beyond our locus.

Shine on, my friends, shine on!


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Game Theory

Zero-sum game is a term used to describe a situation where there is an ultimate winner (+) and loser (-).  The balance of the (+) and (-) yields a zero-sum.  Of course, this is the most basic of all ‘games’ with which you are undoubtedly familiar.

Unfortunately, quite a majority apply this ‘game’ to their quotidian interactions with others.  Perhaps they do so in the name of self-preservation.  After all, man is so adverse to being (let alone, admitting) wrong that he will do everything to avoid the position.

Almost as an assumed axiom, self-preservation and the measures we take towards this end are parts of the human condition.  It is so pervasive that we even desensitize ourselves when we do it.   Indeed, we will condone belittling others to aggrandize ourselves and so perpetuate the zero-equilibrium.

Is there an alternative?

Let’s take a look through the IPT lens:

Infinite potentiality theory’s end-goal is ultimate freedom of and from the self and all related fetters and shackles.  The way towards this absolute liberation is through the individual’s realization of his inherent creative potentiality of which he has an infinite supply.  At the moments of realization – and yes, the  operative word: moments, being in the plural, means that it happens many times throughout the day – he activates the powerful ICP catalyst and thus accesses an enormously unquantifiable amount of strength and empowerment each time.

More importantly, he releases the power of the catalyst – and the resulting empowerment – to the world as a shared experience contributed to the collective unconscious.  In other words, by himself being empowered, he shares it with the world and so uplifts his fellow man in the creative realization.   And here we have it: positive-sum game.

In IPT’s positive-sum game, there is not just a winner (+) at two sides (+) of the playing field.  Instead, there is a single unified winner at the global arena across time, space, geography, and dimension.  Creativity is the common unifier amongst all man.  As a created being, the very essence of his existence is creation, produced through realized creative potentiality.

And here we return to IPT’s qualitative ontological paradigm shift redefining the essence of existence to be infinite creative potentiality.  At the moment of realization, he attains ultimate freedom of and from the self into the realm of other.  In that realm – liberated from all shackles of self – there is no strategem for self-gain, no artifice for self-preservation, and no axiomatic desensitization to ruthless amorality.

And so we say unto you: between self-preservationist savagery and absolute liberation, the choice is yours.


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My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

       –2 Corinthians 12:9

True integrity and strength of character is tested during our most arduous trials.  Tests of adversity, strife, and heartache are fortunate opportunities to evince our true character.  Like yardsticks, our reactions are poignant reflections of our progress or regression at that specific moment.

 As with all challenges, at our best, we triumph victoriously.  Other times we stumble and wobble through.  At our worst, we fail miserably.  This is understandably part of the human condition.

While it is easy to extol our triumphs and rest satisfied with our successes, we are better served through our weakest, lowest, and most vulnerable moments.  Rather than taint them as our failures, we must find triumph in those dark miseries.  Verily, they are the most illuminating.

At the instant we have sunken down into the mire and cesspool of our failures, we must aspire upwards with unwaveringly obdurate dedication:

If we can elicit a fountain from the dearth and paucity of our dryest well, we have succeeded.

If we can give our compassionate understanding while being slighted maliciously, we have succeeded.

If we can quell the volatility of our emotional reactions to ugly pettiness against us, we have succeeded.

Understandably, all this is easier said than done.  If it were easy, we would see less accidents, less violence, and more good Samaritans amongst our fellow man.  And yet, it is critically necessary that we stop ourselves from the chaos of rage and malice and instead, give of ourselves our compassionate understanding.

To do so is to prove our love of and membership in our shared humanity.

Oklahoma’s state motto is: labor omnia vincit.  I would rather proclaim: amor omnia vincit (love conquers all).  Indeed, it is our common love of life as created beings that unites us.  From this love, infinite potentiality theory (IPT) draws its faith in each individual to inspiration and empowerment through realized creative potentiality towards ultimate freedom.

Without this core belief at its foundation, IPT would rest ineffective, fallow in pure potentiality without active realization.  Indeed, IPT encourages the shift away from acting in the self towards acting in the other with an unwavering belief in man’s ability to do so:

Acting in the self condones destruction, justifies malice, and fuels the powder keg of pervasive volatility perniciously around us today.

Acting in the other positively creates with meaningful impact that transcends, liberates, and above all: loves.

Between destructive malice and transcendent love, the choice is yours.


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Luxury First and Foremost

What are your indulgences?

Look around you.  What decadence do you hide away – or showcase – but secretly prize most?

Everyone has at least one…

Now think about your daily routine.  Do you allot time for a luxurious indulgence?  If not, why not?  No time? Hmmmm……

You deserve luxury.  Your life is worthy of decadent indulgences.  If this all seems too self-serving, it really is not.

When was the last time you satisfied your hunger qua life?  I mean really, truly, and completely satisfied it?  Have you ever hungered for life in full force and vivid vibrancy?

Sometimes, a luxurious indulgence is a good place to start.  Take a taste and you will understand why.  Earn the taste and you will never look back.  And you deserve the height of life’s very best.

When you think about it, creativity is the infinite boundlessness of all indulgence.  It fuels all of life as its wellspring.  Life qua creativity is a gift to be lived to its furthest limits and that is true indulgence.  That is the voluptuous body of magnanimous luxury that is truly life propria.

So here, I propose to you:

Earn a taste of luxury and emblazon the world with meaningful indulgence qua vibrantly realized creativity.

And so too the forthcoming empowerment from your inspiration.

And so too the miraculous power of the ICP catalyst, infinitely everlasting as your paragon of excellence in all things around you.

Eternal, everlasting, truth especially in the details is a luxurious indulgence indeed!

Cheers to the feast,


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Passionate Engagement

Have you ever observed an artist in the middle of creating?

Have you ever been inspired by a person who earnestly believes in his craft?

Have you ever felt impassioned to inspire others?

It is a most beauteous gift to be present when others share their talent(s) with you.  Indeed, when you are allowed privileged access to another’s passion(s) it can inspire the same within you.  Talent – true talent – empowers as it inspires and sweeps you into the moment, awakening your every senses to the present.

Everyone possesses talent(s).  It is a matter of realization and acknowledgment as such.  Similarly, everyone has an infinite store of creative potentiality inherently within themselves.  Again, it is a matter of realization and acknowledgment as such.

Rather than being an esoteric and nebulous philosophy wafting above in the firmaments, infinite potentiality theory (IPT) is a very real reflection of the current reality.  In response to the electronically mediated globalized present, IPT announces an open declaration as such.  IPT’s clarion call is long overdue.

The proposed qualitative ontological paradigm shift from the phenomenological-metaphysical duality to the creative potentiality-ultimate freedom collaboration is not an announcement of portending.  It is a declaration after the fact of the happening.  It has already occurred.

And the shift is a step in the right direction.  Indeed, both paradigms are dyads; the former exists in dualistic tension while the latter is an effectively kinetic synergy.  From tension to synergy, quite a positive step forward!

And so we say unto you, forward on…


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Clarity and Understanding

Of the pre-Socratics, Thales argued for water, Anaximander argued for apeiron, and Anaximenes for air, as the single constant, unchanging universal element.  To settle the debate, Empedocles came on the side of all four elements while Anaxagoras shifted from the physical material to the internal mind with nous.  And of course, there are the Atomists Democritus and Leucippus.  We know who Lavoisier and Mendeleev would vote for; the Periodic Table as a case in point.

The common delineation amongst them all is they could not agree while each having demonstrably valid points of view.

The debate did not stop at the elements:

Heraclitus believed all equilibrium is flux.  Parmenides and the Eleatics did not believe in change at all.  Of course, the evidence overwhelmingly supports Heraclitus.  Life is kinetic, everlasting change.

And then there are the great shortcomings disguised as genius:

In an attempt to offer a single elegant universal equation, Einstein introduced the world to his special relativity theory.  However, it applies to all physical phenomena except gravity and is really only valid in a vacuum.  Man does not live in a vacuum.

Great philosophical and scientific minds from the pre-Socratics to Einstein, astrophysicists, string theorists and countless others have all contemplated in search of a single solution to explain the universe.  And the debate continues.  Somehow, I remain unconvinced that just one all-encompassing answer is able to account for all possible phenomena.

Perhaps our efforts are better invested in reflective contemplation of active realization qua creative potentiality.  More to the point, if reflection occurs after creative realization, the active meaning so derived would be exponentially poignant.  Of course, one could say this is a nod to Lukacs qua the Hegel-Feuerbach-Marx debate.  However, I would ask you to step away from that (political) construct and reposit yourself in the microcosm of your exact time-space-geographical locus…

Indeed, when you refocus to the minutest detail your presence in the present, you will be one step closer to an effective realization of your creative potential because you will be in the moment of active engagement.  Looking around your locus, you will be able to access direct clarity when you openly acknowledge your effective power to make a positive impact.

There is an unquantifiably extraordinary amount of power within each individual.  As soon as that power is leveraged – in a positive pursuit focused creatively in the present – the sooner you will become ultimate freedom.  Hence, infinite potentiality theory’s dictum:

carpe mundus, illuminare infinitas!