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The Mire or The Liberation

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It has often been said that “God is in the details“.  Then again, I have also heard it said that the “Devil is in the details“.  Either way, details are critical sticklers demanding our attention most often at a time when we haven’t the sufficient inclination to dedicate ourselves adequately.

So why is this important and how does it relate to Infinite Potentiality Theory (IPT)?

Inevitably, there has been an occasion you’ve experienced when the details made it a fantastic success or a bumbling disaster.  As a result, you either learn from the experience or repeat the error.  The same can be said of a personal encounter in which the detail(s) of the other’s demeanor, character, or aesthetic set you off amicably or abrasively.  From the encounter, you might also find yourself gaining that much more insight into your own tastes, preferences, and/or personality.

The point is, details exist in the realm of other.  They are external to the self.  At the same time, they touch very closely upon the realm of self as they are so generated.  Above all, they are one in a myriad factors with very real and direct influence and effect on us.  Whether they help us with our own self-discovery or help our navigation through our everyday experiences, details mediate self-other phenomenological experiences.  They exist in the metaphysical other and yet, are very intimately ‘attached’ to the phenomenological self.

As it relates to IPT, the proposed qualitative ontological paradigm shift from the phenomenological-metaphysical to infinite creative potentiality (ICP)-ultimate freedom (UF) also proposes a corresponding shift from the role played by details to that of creativity.  By so doing, the individual is better positioned to transition to the realm of UF of and from the self and all related (phenomenological) fetters.  While details are sufficiently effective in the former paradigm, creativity is pivotal to the latter paradigm.

Given a choice whether to get caught in the mire of details or to be empowered by creativity to an absolute liberation of and from the self, it becomes increasingly clear why the paradigm shift is so proposed.

The mire or the liberation; it is entirely up to you…



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