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In the Self or In the Other

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All throughout my book and this blog, I have explained how ultimate freedom (UF) is the end-goal of Infinite Potentiality Theory (IPT).  UF is an absolute liberation of an from the self and all related fetters of the (mundane quotidian) self.  This is a freedom taken from Einstein (please see my post from June 20th “Einstein’s Liberation“):

The true value of a human being is determined primarily by the measure and the sense in which he has attained liberation from the self.”

–Albert Einstein, Mein Weltbild, Amsterdam: Querido Verlag, 1934 (from Ideas and Opinions, “The True Value of a Human Being”)

One of the main reasons UF runs at the heart of IPT is in how it reconciles the self-other duality.  I will explain by way of divergence:

IPT offers a qualitative ontological paradigm shift of dyads from the phenomenological-metaphysical duality to the infinite creative potentiality (ICP)-UF interactive and collaborative interrelationship.  In the former paradigm, the individual is confined to the realm of the self.  In the latter paradigm, the individual is empowered to liberate his self and be free from the self so s/he can be the other in absolute freedom.

In other words, through IPT’s proposed paradigm, the individual reconciles the discrepancies between self and other through an absolute liberation.  This liberation is achieved as soon as s/he realizes creative potentiality.  At the point of realization, s/he ignites the ICP catalyst which is an immeasurably potent burst of energy.  In turn, this released energy contributes directly to the energy of the world’s creative consciousness. The impact and import of this cannot be stressed enough.

Once in that sphere of freedom, s/he can be in the other and by so doing, begin making a meaningful impact and difference for the other.  In this manner then, the key difference between both paradigms lies in this accomplishment: empowering a direct impact on the other in a positively creative and lastingly meaningful way for collective – world – progress.

And so a single pebble begins the ripple until it becomes an infinite wave…

When will you cast your pebble?



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