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Infinite Potentiality Theory is a celebration of life at its purest and absolute form qua creative potentiality.  When we are at our best, whether it be an achievement, accomplishment, fulfillment, or the simplest joy, there is a degree of creativity involved in reaching that height.  Take a moment today to observe any accomplishment – even the slightest – and think about the creativity involved.  The experience might offer you a refreshing perspective.  At the very least, it should prove uplifting.

It is always beauteous to behold good things happening to great people.  Recently, a friend shared with me an amazing honor he received from his community.  As a matter of background, he is a very humble, perfectly amazing humanitarian who contributes daily to his community, making a meaningful impact and positive difference through his example.  His profession requires creativity of which he has in spades.

On a grander scale, the honor he received is just one in a myriad examples proving how others really do respond to and recognize the good and positive in others.  Regardless of my optimistic penchant, I truly believe we all want the best for each other and to see their happiness, well-being, and success.  By so doing, we further humanity and shine ever-brightly the beacon of progress to pass on to our future generations.

A celebration of life brings hope-everlasting. 

A celebration of life reinforces the bulwark of creativity at the foundation of the very essence of man. 

A celebration of life fuels ultimate freedom fostering the connection between self and other.

Now, more than ever, it is paramount for each individual to realize his creative potentiality and by so doing, celebrate life, man, and humanity in the present and for the future…





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