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Christo and Jeanne-Claude: An Era of Greatness

31 May 2020

The brilliant visionary, creator, and artist Christo passed away today.  He and his late wife Jeanne-Claude ushered in an era of larger-than-life greatness, defying traditionally accepted parameters of possibilities.  Indeed, their creative legacy offered the world tangible proof of what creative potentiality can bring to life.

Beyond all imagined possibilities, Christo and Jeanne-Claude proved how art is relevant at the global level. Beyond borders of geography, art unites, empowers, inspires, and reflects where we are, how far we have progressed, and how much further we have yet to go.  In light of the current political climate and the global pandemic, we have very far to go.

The forced quarantine due to COVID-19 has spread a profound sense of sadness, despair, and helplessness.  As suffocating as it is to wear a mask, especially for an asthmatic with claustrophobia, it is even more so to wake up each day with increasing death tolls at city, state, national, and international levels.  It is even more disappointing to discern a complete lack of partisan cooperation from our leaders, not even to save human lives.

As if the global pandemic is not enough, we have to deal with opportunistic looters, thieves, and anarchists breaking laws, destroying our cherished architecture and sculptures, and trashing our streets under the guise of political protest for their civil rights.  They do not honor George Floyd.  They do not honor the civil rights movement.  Instead, they enslave the world under a pernicious net of treachery, violence, destruction, and chaos.  By the way, COVID-19 does not disappear just because looters want to steal and destroy property.

It is said that bad things come in three.  It seems bitterly fitting that Christo has passed.  He and Jeanne-Claude defied limits.  They turned their artistically visionary dreams into reality for the world to see, experience, and share in collectively as human beings.  

I had the honor of walking through The Gates at Central Park in 2005.  Central Park will always hold a special place in my heart.  If you have ever lived in New York, truly lived there for a considerable number of years, you just know it will get in your blood.  It gets you and you get it and it is a lifetime love affair.  Nothing compares.  Central Park is at the heart of that feeling.

I knew I was experiencing something spectacularly greater than me as I stood in The Gates.  It was as humbling as it was beautiful.  Christo and Jeanne-Claude made Central Park all the more dear to me seeing it accented with those brilliant saffron fabric panels.

I never met them.  If I were to send a message to them in heaven above, I would extend them my gratitude. Gratitude for reinforcing hope, reaffirming all that is good, and repurposing art and its relevance to this world, its people, and all that needs to be saved.

Our leaders would do well to take a nod from artists such as Christo and Jeanne-Claude.  They had visions cast into projects.  They used art to realize those projects.  They did not stop until the project was completed.  And on they went, full steam ahead, to their next project.  The world was their canvas.  Beauty, greatness, hope, inspiration, and empowerment were the denouement of their seemingly impossible creations.

Christo and Jeanne-Claude, you amazingly brilliant genius-artists, I am forever grateful to you both.


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The Bedrock of Creative Potentiality

The bedrock of America is ingenuity, creativity, and outside-the-box thinking driven by an unwavering perseverance to achieve a qualitatively improved life.  In this e-globalized world, it is increasingly apparent how a variation of this bedrock is manifest in other nations.  As disparate as we are culturally, geographically, and historically, our commonality is our creative potentiality.

Creative potentiality exists in every individual regardless of race, creed, culture, or geography.  Although it is not always realized, it does exist within us all nonetheless.  Think of a time when you tapped into your imagination.  The boundlessness of your imagination is your creative potentiality.

Because there is no limit to the amount of creativity within us, it is measured as a quantum of potentiality rather than just potential.  It is this potentiality that establishes our interconnectivity, terra firma.  The challenges then become a question of whether or not we realize our creative potential and how (in)frequently we do so.

To this end, I propose Infinite Potentiality Theory (IPT) as a catalyst of empowerment and call to all individuals.  Roughly, IPT states:


The individual’s realization of his/her infinite creative potentiality (ICP) immediately and directly leads to ultimate freedom (UF) of and from the self and all related shackles of that self.  With this freedom, s/he can occupy the mindset of other and make a meaningfully positive difference. By so doing, s/he reinforces and enlarges a continuing cycle of similarly positive creativity.

Sounds great; so how do we begin?

Remember your imagination.

Tap into it by lingering on a single creative idea.

Let that idea branch out and flourish.

Empower your imaginative creative abilities by forgetting self-doubt and focusing on materializing your imagination.

What will it take for you to turn your creative imagination into a tangible, material reality?

How can that tangible, materialized reality serve others, if by no other method than to inspire similar creativity?

How can that tangible, materialized reality provide problem-solving solutions at a local, national, and global level?

It just begins with an idea.


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The Leap

Have you ever been in the position of doing what you don’t want to do with every fiber of your being, but you do it anyway because LIFE JUST HAPPENS REGARDLESS?

Have you ever weighed the pros and cons of continuing on a self-effacing trajectory, all the while feeling the excoriating pain of your soul, spirit, mind, and body being obliterated beyond recognition?

Perhaps it hasn’t been that bad, but you are able to relate to this predicament to some degree.  To all of you in this situation or similar, please take an ICP moment to pause, step back, breathe, and reflect.  No seriously, pause.  Carve out a sliver of peaceful solitude amidst the cacophony around you.

This is perhaps one of the most challenging things you will be asked to do because, as Newton’s First Law of Motion states (and I paraphrase), a body in motion/rest remains in motion/rest until an external force changes its course accordingly.  Let this be your virtual external force to CHANGE YOUR COURSE.  It will be worth your time, I promise.

Some of the greatest inventions in the world have come from inventors persevering through failure.  Most inventions are the product of ‘outside the box’ thinking whereby the inventor decided to CHANGE COURSE or better yet, DEFY IT.  Regardless of the number of failed attempts to create the impossible, those inventors were successes because they knew no other way of being.  Their drive to create was a manifestation of their being.  It was in their blood. 

Accordingly, ICP asks you:

What is in your blood?

What is your passion…real passion…that you can’t live without?

How much longer must you wait before you realize your passion?  How many more years are you going to waste away?  How much more self-punishment can you take?

What will it take for you to take the leap and believe in yourself?

It all begins with the singularity of a seed along a Planck Length to realize you have already succeeded at the moment of your leap…


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The Flip Side

Life has taken me on a vicissitude of undulating adventures. Navigating through all the twists and turns – some positive and others challenging – I can certainly say it has not been dull. Recently inundated with a series of challenging moments, I have been forced to pause, step back, and lasso this wave.

During this most recent exercise, I have been given my ICP moment.  Infinite Creative Potentiality (ICP) is not just a theory, it is a way of life and worldview through which I engage with my environment and others in it. ICP enables me to see the flip side of negative, challenging, ugliness and learn positively meaningful life lessons to empower others in the process.

The past couple months, I was slapped with an abysmal quagmire of ugliness. The only recourse I have is to lasso all of the murk into a Jackson Pollock-like bundle.  Stepping back, I am finally able to see its beauty.

In all service industries, there exists tremendous potentiality for making a positively meaningful difference. However, there are many industries where the penchant for choosing that path is more nebulous and very nearly obfuscated by ugly, nasty individuals looking to scam there way into ‘the good life’ or ‘the easy dollar’.  Oftentimes, the individuals who are in the wrong and know it bellow the loudest, denigrating the very people they are trying to swindle.  It seems the larger the swindle, the louder the bellow.  It is astonishingly the amount of creativity they pull from in their attempts to burrow their way from ‘wrong’ to self-proclaimed ‘right’.

ICP begs the question:

What if they channeled their creativity into empowering others by making a positively meaningful difference?  Have they not realized that by empowering others, they too become that much more empowered?

What if they complimented those servicing them or those who have serviced them by a demonstration of common courtesy and respect?  Whatever happened to a simple show of gratitude?  Where did our humility go?

It makes me shudder to think of the lengths individuals will go to castigate others in complete defiance of our humanity.  Have they forgotten our shared human condition?

No matter the object, you can’t take it with you.  Why shroud yourself with the weight of negativity?

Indeed, positive karma is a lucky feather.



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Hurtful Pettiness or Inspiring Empowerment: A Choice Among Equals

Sky-dive out of a plane.
Travel around the world.
Climb to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro.
Fall deeply, madly, head-over-heels in love regardless of the consequences, especially if it is unrequited.
Command an audience.
Run a marathon – twice.

Whatever is on your bucket list ‘to do’, I hope you do it.  Do it without reservation. Do it with 100% gusto.  Do it with every inch of your life.

And when you succeed, I hope you are empowered to do more.

And when you fail, I urge you to inspire others to do more.*

*What do you do when you have devoted all of yourself to an endeavor and are left with nothing except your failure, loss, and emptiness?

Ex nihilo, Omnia fit (from nothing, everything comes).

At all costs, remember well: from the hollow emptiness of nothing, a world of infinite potentiality exists.  From this world, you can create, restore, and rebuild anew.  Like the phoenix arising from its ashes, you will overcome and transcend that failure.

More importantly, for all pivotal moments of your life – your voltas of success and of failures – it is critical to ‘flip’ those circumstances and experiences on all sides for a 360-degree inspection.  Through this comprehensive viewpoint, you will gain invaluable insight offering meaningful purpose.  By transferring from self to others your insight, you can empower and inspire others.  And you can do so with a lasting impact of infinite degrees.

Turning away from the self with a mindset towards the other, we would wholeheartedly understand with unwavering certainty that our pains of failure are not intended to hurt others because we have been hurt.  Instead, we would inspire others to realize their best potentiality by exemplifying our triumph over and transcendence beyond our own pain.  And by so doing, we would demonstrate in a very tangible and realizable way, those pathways towards creating happiness, strength, courage, and hope for others.

Amor omnia vincit,


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A Response to Einstein’s “sukhafte Fernwirkung”: Nature and Science

Einstein’s “spukhafte Fernwirkung” and Bridges between the Classical and the Quantum World

It may not be necessary, though, to understand how life began to use an understanding of how life operates today at the quantum level to build completely artificial living organisms from the bottom up. Such a process would require… ‘living technology’ to manufacture from scratch organisms such as microbes that could produce antibiotics tailored to human requirements. […] The bottom-up approach would result in… ’a brave new world of quantum synthetic living organisms that could free their natural-born relatives from the drudgery of providing humanity with most of its needs.’ “

                –John Gribbin, “Physics for Bird Brains,” The Wall Street Journal, 1-2 August 2015

Crispr-Cas9: Gene-Editing Drug to Rewrite the DNA Code

A new technology for ‘editing’ defective genes has raised hopes for a future generation of medicines treating intractable diseases like cancer, cystic fibrosis, and sickle-cell anemia. […] Among the unresolved technical challenges is figuring out the best way to deliver the drug to the cells it is targeting. […] And the first drugs based on Crispr-Cas9 will probably target diseases that can be treated by simply knocking out a defective gene, because it isn’t yet feasible to easily replace it with a new segment of DNA, according to Editas’s Ms. Bosley.”

                –Jonathan Rockoff, “Why Gene-Editing Technology Has Scientists Excited: Researchers are exploring the idea of treating disease by replacing the defective gene causing the trouble,” The Wall Street Journal, 29 July 2015

Science vs. Nature: Schism or Synergy?

Man has advanced forward significant strides, thanks to electronic technology. Indeed, he has mediated a very real transcendence over classical limitations of time, space, and geography. More than ever, he is enabled with effective agency at the singular level to make a meaningfully positive difference.

E-technology can mediate a multitude of trajectories. The past fifteen years have shown us the triumphs and pitfalls of those trajectories. The key is to leverage those triumphs to continue forward and avoid the pitfalls so as not to repeat them.

The articles from Gribbin and Rockoff illustrate a scientific trend to utilize our e-technologies for the understanding, advancement, and improvement of man. As Rockoff points out, the Crispr-Cas9 gene-editing drug is where biological research is increasingly focused. The next challenge is cellular-targeting of those drugs to specific segments of mutated DNA.

Although the Crispr-Cas9 rightfully gives scientists ample reason for excitement, there is a call for studied caution before they proceed full-force. Case in point: it was confirmed that a mutation in the gene for receptor CCR5 – a mutation present in roughly ten percent of Caucasians – may provide HIV-1 immunity (Elisabeth Pernicone, “Presence of Gene Mutation May Provide HIV Immunity and Resistance,” The AIDS Beacon, 27 October 2009). The same mutation was found in ‘exposed-uninfected’ commercial sex workers as well as ‘long-term non-progressors’ (M.Marmor, K.Hertzmark, SM Thomas, PN Halkitis, and M.Vogler, “Resistance to HIV Infection,” The New York Academy of Medicine Journal of Urban Health, 2006).

Mutation does not necessarily mean pathology. In some cases – as with the CCR5 mutation – it means survival. It is imperative not to lose sight of this fact.

The So What Factor Addressed

Electronic technology offers a double-edged sword. At one side, it mediates our transcendence over classical limitations and delivers a globalized world to the individual’s fingertips. At the other side, it mediates an automatic recklessness qua ‘automatic meaninglessness-automated frivolity’ over disciplined intentionality.

Without disciplined focus of concentration, it becomes all too easy – automatic – to hone in on the dot rather than the circle the dot sits on. With gene-editing and with quantum synthetic living microbes, looking at the issue in isolation and at the exclusion of a 360-degree view of all possible effects of that issue becomes dangerous. Ironically, instead of improving man, we may be on the trajectory of destroying him if we do not step back and explore all aspects of that circle.

Infinite Potentiality Theory (IPT) has one ultimate goal: igniting the individual to make a meaningfully positive and lasting difference and by so doing, inspire others by example. Through ultimate freedom of and from the self, he occupies the space of other and is better able to effect that difference. More to the point: in that space of other, his perspective is 360-degrees at all times, taking into account the impact of his actions, behaviors, and decisions on others.

Accordingly, he will have immediate clarity to recognize the ‘brave new world’ is one where classical and quantum collaborate as effortlessly as his position within his self in the other. He will recognize it is not a question of science in duality with nature. Instead, he will see the natural synergy between the two and the creative potentiality within that powerful collaborative interrelationship.

And that is a brave new world, indeed!


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Resilience and Recovery: A Response

When communicating on a public forum to the world, it is very important not to lose sight of your character, values, and integrity.  It is all too easy to offer up your own political, religious, and social views that serve no one except yourself.  This is an apropos example of the erstwhile paradigm from which Infinite Potentiality Theory (IPT) proposes the shift: from self to other.  Indeed, self-serving sentiments and messages contribute nothing to the empowerment and betterment of others.

Mea culpa.

Accordingly, I offer this addendum to my last post: “Resilience and Recovery”.

The So What Factor Addressed:

Acclimating to a friend, family, or colleague’s arrogance can prove challenging.  When it is displayed in our nation’s leader, it is dangerous.  Especially in the current political climate – on the global arena – arrogance can easily be construed as ignorance.  Therein lies an ‘Achilles heel’ vulnerability, opening up our nation and its citizens to attack.  And unnecessarily so.

When Mr. Obama told the African Union he thinks he could win another Presidential Term if re-elected a third time, he sends an erroneous message to other nations.  It is a message unreflective of his nation’s constituents.  It is a message unreflective of the spirit of American democracy: the right to dissent and the right to voice that dissent.

Mr. Obama might be a most excellent President.  If the 22nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution did not exist and the U.S. healthcare, banking, military, and Internet were not headed in a perilous trajectory, he might just win a 3rd Presidential Term.  But hubris might just be his downfall if he were to run again.  And this is fodder for the paradigm of self.

IPT suggests a qualitative ontological paradigm shift from the phenomenological-metaphysical duality to the infinite creative potentiality-ultimate freedom collaborative interrelationship.  In short: a very real shift from a world and life centered around the self to one centered around the other.  Indeed, it is in those moments of ultimate freedom of and from the self and all related fetters of that self that the individual occupies the space of other and accordingly makes a meaningfully positive difference.  And that difference is not only at the individual level within his specific locus, but also at the level of future generations to come.

In the new paradigm, it is incumbent upon every individual to be a leader and exemplify an inspiring humility that empowers, engages, and uplifts the collective world conscience to ever higher achievements for the betterment of all creation.  From man to nature to planet, it is the individual leader who makes a very real difference at the singular level.  And like a pebble to a stream that becomes a wave in the ocean, he too will continue on the ripples of excellence.



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Resilience and Recovery


Of the many negative effects of the Affordable Care Act, the increasing unaffordability of private insurance might be the most damaging.”

Reforming America’s health care rests on reducing costs while improving access to the best doctors and hospitals. That comes from private insurance, not government insurance.”

                –Scott W. Atlas, “Repairing the ObamaCare Wreckage,” The Wall Street Journal, 29 June 2015

IRS: Bipartisan Influence and Schism

“A federal judge threatened to hold Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen in contempt of court on Wednesday, after the agency didn’t comply with an order to provide documents in a case about its alleged targeting of conservative groups.”

“The contempt threat…is the second…he has received this week.”

“Democrats, including Mr. Obama, continue to vigorously defend Mr. Koskinen…who took over the IRS in late 2013.”

                –John D. McKinnon, “Judge Levels Contempt Threat Against IRS Commissioner,” The Wall Street Journal, 30 July 2015

Small Business: A Closer Look at Dodd-Frank

“The British – and others – are more inviting than we are.”

“…Dodd-Frank, a law intended to take on the systemic risk of ‘too-big-to-fail’ banks, is multiplying the problem. ‘The big banks that are too big to fail are bigger now than ever, but the regulations have trickled down to the smaller banks that didn’t cause the financial crisis’ Mr. Hill says. As a result, community banks are disappearing.”

“ ‘The politicians keep talking about fairness and helping the little guy. But it’s the little startup businesses that get hurt the most from the heavy hand of excessive government regulation. How is that fair?’ “

                –Stephen Moore, “The Demise of the Small American Bank,” The Wall Street Journal, 1-2 August 2015

U.S. Military Sequestration: From The Great Lion to A Dwindling Mouse

“News last month of the U.S. Army’s decision to cut 40,000 active-duty soldiers…by 2017, drew fusillades inside the Beltway.”

“…sequestration – compulsory spending caps that would take effect if the two sides failed to agree on an alternative plan to reduce the deficit – was first proposed by the Obama White House. The allocation of half the sequestration cuts to defense, at a time when it accounted for only about 20% of spending, was also President Obama’s handiwork.”

“In 2012 Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told Congress that if sequestration went into effect, ‘we would no longer be a global power.’ A year later, Gen. Ray Odierno, the Army chief of staff, testified that…sequestration cuts would ‘put at substantial risk our ability to conduct even one sustained major combat operation.’ “

                –Mark Moyar, “How Obama Shrank the Military: He’s used the budget sequester to accomplish what looks to have been his political goal from the start,” The Wall Street Journal, 2 August 2015

U.S. Internet: The Trajectory to Political Censorship

The Obama plan for Icann if the U.S. contract ends now requires only a ‘consensus’ among governments to dictate Internet policy. That’s a far lower standard than today’s requirement of unanimity and would further sideline U.S. influence….Instead of censoring…only in their own countries, Russia and China could forge a ‘consensus’ to impose a global ban.”

                –L. Gordon Crovitz, “Ted Cruz’s Fight to Protect the Open Internet,” The Wall Street Journal, 3 August 2015

A Leader’s Hubris (at the expense of his constituents)

In a recent speech at the African Union, President Obama stated: “I actually think I’m a pretty good president…I think if I ran, I could win” (Peter Baker, “Obama Says ‘I Could Win’ 3rd Term as President,” The New York Times, 28 July 2015). Ahem. Well, if we set aside the 22nd Amendment to our U.S. Constitution and cast a blind eye to the health care industry, the IRS, the banking industry, the military, the Internet, and our 1st Amendment right to free speech, among others, we would be exceedingly hard-pressed to sustain another term of an Obama Presidency.

More to the point, after two terms of perniciously unrelenting attacks to the U.S. core viscera, we would be better off without another Obama Term. As General Dempsey and General Odierno would attest, if Obama successfully continues his sequestration agenda through a 3rd Term in office, the nation’s national security would be at dangerous peril. Indeed, the inculcating blows against the U.S. by its President seem more like acts of saboteur terrorism than those of a Commander-in-Chief.

For the integrity, well-being, sustenance, and vigor of the U.S. and the balancing sustainability of our world markets, we respectfully wish Mr. Obama a very happy retirement. Your nation will bounce-back as it always does. We will do so because we can and we must.

After all, ours is a nation of innovators and iconoclasts.

We defy odds and exceed expectations.

We fuel our strength from the empowerment of our adversity.

And we will take with us the harrowing lessons from this Presidency.



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The Syntax of Fire

10 And now also the axe is laid unto the root of the trees: therefore every tree which bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.
11 I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance. but he that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with fire:
12 Whose fan is in his hand, and he will throughly purge his floor, and gather his wheat into the garner; but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire. — Matthew 3:10-12 (KJV)

 29 For our God is a consuming fire.  — Hebrews 12:29 (KJV)

There are a myriad references in the Christian Bible to fire as a purgatory, purifier, baptizer, and consumer.  Historically, man has used fire to manage vegetation, maximize food production, contain undesirable plants and pathogens, harvest desirable plant communities for livestock or wildlife, reduce fuel loads, and restore historical disturbance regimes (David A. Pike, Matthew L. Brooks, Carla D’Antonio, “Fire as a Restoration Tool: A Decision Framework for Predicting the Control or Enhancement of Plants Using Fire,” Restoration Ecology, 2010).  As restoration ecologists have shown, fire is a highly effective restorative tool.  However, one does not need to be an ecologist or a Christian to acknowledge the utility of fire.

Religion and ecology aside, fire – the act of purging, purifying, and restoring by fire – is an apt call to action today.  Now, more than ever, we must ignite a globalizing dialogue to purge our past miscues and its ensuing calamities in the global arena.  There is no excuse to delay any further.

Through electronic technologies, individuals have already mediated their effective agency at the world arena, thus defying classical limitations of time, space, and geography.  At the quantum level, scientists have stumbled upon the pentaquark giving us an informative glimpse into the composition and life of the neutron star (Gautam Naik, “Scientists Discover An Elusive Particle,” The Wall Street Journal, 15 July 2015).  At the cosmological level, NASA scientists are gathering more accurate data on our galaxy and reconsidering past decisions about Pluto, Ceres, the Kuiper belt, and the asteroid belt (David A. Weintraub, “Pluto a Planet Again? It May Happen This Year,” The Crux, 25 February 2015).

In science and technology, we are accomplishing extraordinary feats.  At the individual level, we are leveraging our creativity in ‘outside-of-the-box’ ways to effect meaningful change (please see my prior posts referencing Bolter and Grusin, Mackenzie Wark, and/or Howard Rheingold).  And yet, at the international political arena, we have yet to see an equal level of innovative creativity towards communicative action in the name of effective collaboration.  From disparity to unity, will our world’s nations ever bridge their ties of discord?

As with all communication, syntax – in tandem with semantics and pragmatics – is critical. The inflammatory connotation of “ignite” is apropos for the kind of global dialogue necessary today [hence the title of my book Igniting an East-West Globalizing Dialogue Volume I: Thus Spoke Chuang Tzu (www.outskirtspress.com/thusspokechuangtzu.php)].  It is imperative that we burn all remnants of our past miscues and oversights of cultural ignorance and insensitivity.  For a comprehensively educated viewpoint (CEV) of cultural nuances among nations and between individuals across cultural boundaries, let us take the first step to emblazon a bold new path.

And after the embers fade, the land will be restored anew and so too, his soul for “[i]f a plant cannot live accordingly to nature, it dies; and so a man” (Henry David Thoreau, On Civil Disobedience).


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The Da Vinci-Heatherwick Paradigm: Creativity is the Key

When I was growing up, I was exposed to…invention on a small scale.  And I was there looking at the larger scale of buildings and finding that the buildings…felt soulless and cold.  And there on the smaller scale, the scale of an earring or a ceramic pot or a musical instrument, was a materiality and a soulfulness.  And this influenced me.”  –Thomas Heatherwick, TED2011

Extolled as “the Leonardo da Vinci of our times” by renowned designer Terence Conran, Thomas Heatherwick is a rather extraordinary individual worthy of Conran’s apt praise.  Looking through his studio’s body of work, one can easily discern a thread of consistency: Heatherwick is a brilliant genius of genuinely novel creativity rivaled only by the Great Masters of the Renaissance.  And this is no exaggeration.

In every sense and measure, his projects are the best representations of realized Infinite Creative Potentiality to-date with a uniquely compelling and palpable soulfulness:

Extrusions – listed under the category of ‘small projects’, Extrusions exemplify Heatherwick’s use of the discarded by accentuating mutation and bestowing it with everyday functionality.  Formed by a single, continuous component of aluminum into seating for airports, Extrusions seamlessly combine form with function.

Piggyback and Plank – also listed under the category of ‘small projects’, the Piggyback table(s) and the Plank table-chair are stunning examples of functionality with secret (dual) forms.  Indeed, the Piggyback is a set of seamlessly nestled tables (one on top of the other) that can be placed side-by-side, end-to-end, or used separately as two distinct tables.  Similarly, the Plank can be folded up into a table or a chair when it is not lying flat on the floor or propped up against a wall.  For both pieces, complexity of craftsmanship combine with simplicity of design in beautiful symmetry.

Rolling Bridge – listed under the category of ‘medium projects’, the Rolling Bridge in London is unique in its extraordinary and novel movement.  As Heatherwick states at TED2011, “…we liked the idea that the two farthest bits of it would end up kissing each other.”  Indeed, end-point unites with start-point each time the bridge curls back to open for boats.

UK Pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010 – listed under the category of ‘large projects’, the UK Pavilion focuses on the power of “simplicity and clarity” through a dialogue between cities and nature, plants and human health, economic success and social change, interior and exterior, form and texture, and form and content.  Heatherwick designed the building façade to manifest its content, and the texture of the façade to take on the building’s form.  As a “cathedral to seeds”, the pavilion itself offers tangible symbols of “potential and promise”.  And in the landscape alone, form becomes the message from one nation (UK) to another (China): “The pavilion is sitting on a landscape that is crumpled and folded like a sheet of paper, which suggests that the pavilion is a gift from the UK to China, still partly enclosed in wrapping paper.”  In its entirety, the Pavilion represents the UK’s stunning creativity as a “pioneer of the modern public park.”

The SWF Answered:

Infinite Potentiality Theory announces the dawn of the Transcendent Era.  With the help of e-technologies, the individual has overcome erstwhile limitations of time, space, and geography.  However, it is not technology alone but rather creativity that is our transcendence.  Heatherwick is one of the best representations of that caliber of creativity defying limitations, overcoming obstacles, inspiring greatness, galvanizing ingenuity, and catalyzing meaningfully positive progress forward.

At every turn, Heatherwick is a trailblazer and the world is magnificently elevated by his example.